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Australia announces the first confirmed case of coronavirus

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Australia announces the first confirmed case of coronavirus

Australia announced on Saturday the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Victoria state, with the patient being taken to hospital in a stable condition in a suburb of Melbourne, state health officials said.

Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos told reporters that the patient, a Chinese in his fifties, arrived from China on January 19 on a plane from Guangzhou.

"It is important to stress that there is no reason for society to be concerned.

"The patient is isolated and is being treated and we have no other suspected cases at this point."

News reports also said that the death toll from the Corona virus in China had risen to 41.
This was reported by Sky News news channel tonight.
Earlier today, the National Health Commission of China announced that it had recorded 26 deaths and 881 confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by the emerging coronavirus (2019-2018).
It is reported that the Chinese government summoned 40 military doctors to counter the outbreak of the "Corona virus", which has spread in the country since late December 2019.

The Austrian Foreign Ministry also asked Vienna International Airport and airlines to suspend unnecessary flights to and from China due to the increased risks of the emerging Corona Virus, and a statement by the Austrian Foreign Ministry said that due to concerns regarding the spread of the Corona virus, exceptional health controls have been imposed in many airports of East Asian countries.

The statement pointed out that there are high-level security risks in the Chinese province of Hubei due to the spread of the Corona virus, and therefore it is necessary to exercise caution in operating flights to China during this period.