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The 30 most important tips before, during and after shopping in online stores

 The 30 most important tips before, during and after shopping in online stores

Online stores have become very popular in the Middle East and the Arab world, and the process of online shopping through them has become one of the simplest and easiest ways for anyone, because remote shopping has become at your fingertips. Through the Internet, you can create a welcome application store on all electronic devices, and we explain to you Top 10 tips before, during and after purchasing online.

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First: 10 tips before shopping through online stores

If you are one of the first buyers of online stores, you should consider some important points, before starting the purchase process, and therefore we present to you the 10 most important tips before purchasing:

1- Choose the stores you trust

  • When shopping online, you need to choose the type of online store, depending on the type of products you want to buy.
  • Choose the best online stores that have high customer trust, and you can see this through customer reviews.
  • The prestigious and international brands that the store offers are a testimony to its exceptional acquisition.
  • You can trust him because he is passionate about providing the best 100 percent authentic products.
  • You can find out the main sites and online stores that the Golden Coupon website offers when making a purchase.

2- Follow the Golden Coupon website or the Coupons website

  • You must follow the Golden Coupon website, which is considered a great platform for the most important and famous Arab and Saudi stores, and choose the stores on the list that you want to buy.

  • Always follow the website because it constantly and sometimes applies discount coupons in all stores, which can be accessed by clicking on “Discount Codes”, which in most cases are temporary and valid at any moment worth… A great discount that the website offers to another.

3- The site keeps your information

  • Make sure that the online store you are purchasing from is one of the most reliable online stores.

  • It does not steal your credit card information or target your information for any purpose.

4- Compare prices

  • You can compare prices at more than one type of online store.
  • This is to compare the prices of the same commodity, whether it is clothing, personal items, or household goods.
  • And also learn about brand comparisons, before choosing and purchasing from an online store.

5- Quality of products

  • You can learn about the quality of the product before purchasing it, and this is done by asking a friend who has purchased it before.
  • Or through previous customer reviews about purchases, and the store's review among the leading Arab online stores.

6- Does the site support my country?

  • First you need to know whether the online store you are purchasing from supports your country or not.
  • Here you can find out these details by contacting customer service on the same site.
  • Or by selecting the countries supported by the online store, which are included in the store profile.

7- Online store services

  • You need to check first, whether this store offers shopping benefits and services to the consumer or not.
  • And make sure that it is a reliable Saudi online store, as it offers savings when shopping.
  • It provides reliable shipping and delivery services, by contracting with the largest and most reliable shipping companies.
  • Responding to customers when they submit an inquiry or complaint, and working to resolve it as quickly as possible.
  • It provides permanent and ongoing offers and discounts, to provide an exceptional shopping experience.

8- Create a strong purchasing process

  • Before you start shopping, you need to decide what to buy, so as not to get distracted when you are tired.
  • As most Arab online stores include all goods and personal needs.
  • And you can keep your shopping limited, and not get distracted by choosing other things to buy later.

9- Site experience in sales

  • You should shop online through well-known and well-known online store brands.
  • Which has extensive experience in sales and consumer protection and is keen to fight rising prices.
  • The website experience also lies in how it attracts customers, through product quality and competitive price.

10- Can I return the product after purchase?

  • It's one of the top questions many clients and consumers ask about website layout when making a purchase.
  • Can I return the product or not, as many reliable online stores set their own policy?
  • Return services, which must be followed and implemented upon purchase, if desired by customers.
  • Usually within 14 days from the date of receipt, it should be considered that the medicine has not been used.

Second: 10 tips when shopping in online stores

When you start the process of purchasing from online stores, you need to consider some basic points and tips, in order to have a unique, repeatable and hassle-free purchase, including the following:

1- Fishing deal

  • Purchasing from approved online stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the best in terms of providing purchase orders.
  • Visit the Golden Coupon website because it is a great guarantee platform for all its customers and offers really great deals.
  • You need to find the biggest online stores that offer great deals and discounts, such as Centrepoint, Amazon, and Max Fashion, which you can find by clicking on “City Max Discount Code”.

  • Products including Namshi, Bath & Body, H&M, Zaful, Noon, 6th Street and vouchers can be redeemed by clicking on “thstreet6 discount code” and many other sites.

2- Check the payment options

  • You can first take a look at the payment methods when you shop in the store, before you start choosing to buy from them.
  • You can purchase with credit cards, if you have a bank account.
  • Or purchase by paying upon receipt if the shipping and delivery agent pays.
  • Or choose to pay with PayPal, even if you have your own account or if the store offers this option.

3- Check the correct sizes

  • When choosing products, you should know the appropriate size, and this applies to clothes, shoes, etc.
  • The most famous online shopping sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provide product details, through which you can determine all the sizes on it.
  • By choosing the right size for you, in centimeters, you can choose the ideal sizes.
  • So you get the right product from the website, without having to change or replace it.

4- Use the phone when shopping

  • Through applications of famous online stores. Because it is better than the sites.
  • You can easily find what you want and what you want to buy.
  • In addition to notifications that the site sends you about deals and discounts through the application enabled on your phone.
  • It also helps you with the payment process, better than credit cards, if you are afraid of some people seeing your personal information.

5- Check with the merchant

  • You can find online stores when you shop with them for the first time, through reviews from previous customers.
  • Or by communicating with customer service, to ensure a good purchase in the store.
  • You must also confirm that the products are 100% authentic.

6- Check your social media accounts

  • You should be aware of online store trends through social media.
  • And if you visit their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, you can see customer reviews.
  • It also confirms the interest of those who view these pages in responding to customers and their opinions.

7- Beware of large and large discounts

  • You should be wary of online stores that offer products at higher than reasonable prices.
  • Because this post shows you that the products are processed and not original and low quality.

8- Conduct the purchasing process accurately

  • First, log in to the Golden Coupon website to get the discount code you want and download it to take you directly to the store you want to shop in, as the Golden Coupon website offers them a huge discount.

  • You have to remember, and carefully follow, the steps for shopping on the site, and this is what the Golden Coupon website provides, so that the purchase is not completed without you taking advantage of the store.
  • You must first get a discount code when you purchase it, then select the item, then add the code to activate it.
  • Make sure all information is correct.
  • Then you click to complete the sale with ease.

9- Checks in payment methods

  • After completing the purchase process, you can choose the available payment method that suits you.
  • This is among the many ways you can develop online stores.
  • It's better to choose the price when you get it.
  • Or pay over the phone, by charging a website gift card.

10- Click Track my subscription status

  • You should make sure to click on the Track my order feature, at the end of the purchase process.
  • It helps connect the GPS to the shipping company, which shows you how to shop.
  • Once you leave the store shelves, look for the remaining hours until your order arrives.

Third: Tips after purchasing online stores

After completing your purchase, there are some basic tips after shopping in trusted online stores, which are as follows:

1- Make sure it is prepared with delivery dates

  • You need to be sure how long you can wait to receive your product.
  • Delivery time should not exceed 7 days.

2- Check the return policy

  • Check the store's exchange and return policy.
  • Find out when you can return the product and get your money back.

3- Product inspection

  • When you arrive at the product, you must inspect the order in the presence of the shipping representative.
  • This was before the freight forwarder left the scene.

4- Ensure the quality of the product

  • You can also be sure that the quality of the product is recognized by the store.
  • And of course, this was one of the first things they did, not fake it.

5- Check the discounted price

  • If you paid upon receipt, you must prove the discounted price you received upon purchase.
  • If you happen to buy the item at the same price and do not discount it, you must return the product immediately.

6- Prepare a payment receipt

  • You should not ignore the purchase price and keep it to benefit from your purchase.

7- Conduct a product evaluation

  • And if all goes well, you have already got your favorite item at a great discount.
  • You should not forget to visit the product page and rate it, so that your opinion will be useful to others.

8- Evaluate your store’s activity

  • You can also evaluate your purchases in the store, highlighting the most important advantages and services of purchasing inside.
  • Customer feedback is important to us, and it helps attract new customers to shop at the store.

9- Follow the offers from the store

  • You can follow the usual offers and repeat the shopping experience again.
  • Shopping, especially in approved online stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab countries.

10- Make sure to shop on the site again

  • Finally, are you confident enough to try shopping at the same location?
  • Or do you try to shop at popular online stores.


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