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Best free cpanel hosting for life

 Best free cpanel hosting for life

Free web hosting varies from one individual to another, because there is a group of sites that offer this service for free to site owners who want to promote their sites, as many people working at the beginning of the Internet do not have a budget, and for this reason to access it, and we will learn more about it via World of Knowledge website.

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Best website hosting that is free for life

Free hosting is a popular service offered by some companies, which is a free demo account with which you can manage and upload a website without having to pay any fees initially.

Hence it must be said that sites that offer free hosting do not remain free forever, but there comes a time when a person has to pay, and there are many sites that can be tested in order to offer a set of features to the user, including these areas that are more common than The following sites:

1- Infinity free website

If you are looking for the best free hosting site for life then try this best site which allows its user to create a free website as well as a domain via email, here it is worth mentioning that you are allowed to receive three hosting sites for each email.

Note also that running three sites in this hosting turns the person into the paid version and the free version is cancelled, and also among the advantages is the lack of a mandatory ad display system, in addition to that it provides a database with unlimited content, and the site can be accessed from here .

2- 000webhost

An important site that offers free, fast and easy-to-use features, in addition to providing a free domain. A great benefit is that the hosting provided is compatible with all sites and supports WordPress installation, not to mention the speed of uploading to search engines.

It provides space of up to 1.5 GB, a data transfer speed of up to 100 GB, and there is no system for displaying forced advertisements. It also provides two databases and five emails, and you can go to the site from here .

3- Free vps hosting website

One of the sites can be mentioned when talking about the best free hosting site for life. Registration takes place once you join it and then the services provided by this site are shown to the user, then click on free shared hosting, and this site is from here you can go .

4- free hosting

The site hosted by Google offers a free hosting service through which you can create a private site and work on it. All you have to do is click Start when you log in to the site immediately after entering your Google account information, and this site is from here .

5- Awardspace

This site is known as one of the best sites that offer free short- and long-term hosting, which you can easily subscribe to when you open the site by clicking on the start button and then subscribing to your email address, and you can go there from here .

6- Godaddy Arabic Godaddy

An important site is used to obtain a free hosting service, as well as purchasing a free domain for thirty days, then moving to the paid version, and one of the biggest advantages is that there is a group of different templates and designs, and web design for a business is the comprehensive experience there.

It also has a great feature, which gives you unlimited storage space as well as a free SSL certificate, as well as the feature of creating an online store and receiving payments through Paypal, not just search engine settings to provide, then you can visit the site from here .

7- BIZ.NF website

It is impossible to talk about the best free hosting for life without mentioning this wonderful part, it provides free domain hosting and can start working on the same trial day, gives the user at least a gigabyte of space and does not create any system for displaying free ads, in addition to providing five rules Data, the site can be accessed from here .

8- X10Hosting

This free hosting suitable for most sites is built in php and html, offers various hosting offers and goes through development environments after you need to pay, and provides unlimited storage space as well as unlimited data transfer rate....

One of the features of the site is that instead of displaying forced advertisements, it provides five databases for registering with three email accounts, and the site can be browsed from here .

9-Web Hosting

It is a company that provides an excellent free hosting site suitable for most beginners who want to try out how websites work for the first time, as it provides space of up to one gigabyte and a data transfer speed of up to five gigabytes, and there are no forced ads with five databases, and access the site from here .

10- Free 5G site

There are also sites that offer ad-free technical support, which can be updated and upgraded for your account if you are running paid versions, and you can also visit this site from here .

The difference between free and paid hosting

When discussing the best free hosting site for life, we came across a bunch of sites that have been offering the free hosting feature for a while, but what if the user gets the paid version? Of course, the differences between free and paid are:

1- Storage

Storage options vary between hosting sites, so you may find a site that offers ten or twenty gigabytes or more on the paid versions, but the free trial has less storage space than usual and expected.

2- The domain “Domain”

In the case of paid hosting, you will find a sub-site added to the original domain of the hosting company, and in this respect it differs from the paid version of the free site, as the latter offers fewer features.

3- Data transfer rate

It is also called traffic or bandwidth, and it means the value consumed by visits and crawls of a user's site in terms of gigabytes, so if you find it limited in the free versions, it is very difficult to find a blog with more than a hundred reads. irini, although it differs between the paid versions.

4- Hosting control panel

Hosted sites have a much smaller control panel than the free version and are missing many features available in the paid version, such as having a backup function and the ability to skip certain pages.

5- Security and protection

An important feature in the free version will not be available on hosting sites, where there is less protection if the site threatens to close at any time, and it may also be related to company updates and is also not available in the free versions.

6- Install add-ons

You will rarely find any free hosting that allows you to add more than one script, so you will find that in most cases the scripts are few in the free versions, but the paid versions are different.

Disadvantages of free hosting

In conclusion, to talk about the best free hosting website in life, it is important to know the disadvantages of using this type of hosting, which are as follows:

  • The facilities provided were limited.
  • Some websites display click-through advertising.
  • The user database is always available and more than once.
  • The database may experience data loss or shutdown at any time.
  • It is difficult to move to another hotel when you want to.
  • Inability to compete with other sites in search engines.
  • Lack of professionalism in jobs compared to paid jobs.
  • Website performance is slow compared to sites with paid hosting.
  • Failure to provide adequate assistance or maintenance in the event of a problem in the building.
  • Free versions do not provide reliable security services.
  • It is not suitable for sites that want to make a profit or plan to become a big company in the future.
  • Some free sites prevent users from displaying ads on their sites.

Using hosting is one of the most reliable ways to start creating a website or blog online with the aim of making a profit, and before subscribing to any hosting and paying money, it is important to try the free downloads of the better platform.


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