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The story of my big sister, written by the writer Ahmed Mahmoud Sharkawy

 The story of my big sister, written by the writer Ahmed Mahmoud Sharkawy

On the twenty-seventh day of Ramadan, about ten minutes before breaking the fast, I found my wife looking at me with strange and incomprehensible looks at all.

The story of my big sister, written by the writer Ahmed Mahmoud Sharkawy

"Malik, idiot"

She smiled as usual her beautiful smile and said

"you miss me oh"

I laughed out loud and replied with a wink and said:

Are you going to the family court or what, Makara?

I found her features transformed once and told me with a little sharp joke

“I seek refuge in God, we are people who know our Lord, uncle.”

And she remained as she was, contemplating my features in a strange way during the time of breakfast, almost not drinking anything but a cup of juice only, and after the Tarawih prayer, she asked me in her friendly way that we sleep with her and our two daughters in one bed until Eid only, although I was surprised by the request because the girls have grown up and are about to go to school only I didn't know how to decline her request..

And beyond the day and the second, until the night of the twenty-ninth, I almost found her making me more than 20 food items for breakfast, each of which was a small plate, to the point that she spent six hours working on food, at that time doubts began to enter my mind, but I did not want to enter into a discussion about her behavior This strange thing, and we were just entering the Eid, we went down at night and prayed Taraweeh, and as usual, she asked permission with a sweet smile that we prefer to stay in the mosque until the Tahajjud prayer, and then we pray Fajr.

But while I was praying the dawn prayer, I felt a strange grip that began to grip my chest. I sought refuge in God from this gripping feeling and we returned home. The incantation appeared and we knew that tomorrow is Eid and this is the last day of fasting.

After breakfast, she asked me to sit in the balcony and talk and stay up for a while, me and her and the girls. Indeed, we stayed up almost until 3 o'clock, laughing and joking and talking a lot. It made me feel that we are back in the days of engagement again, to the point that I used to sleep my daughters in any way to be alone with her for a while because my heart was a pawn. In a strange way...

In the end we went to sleep, and with the dawn call to prayer, I found her waking me up so that I could pray, my body was broken and I could not get up, but she was determined that I should do it in any way, and in the end I woke up, I prayed the dawn in the mosque and I came back to find her sitting on the prayer rug and putting her head in her hands, I went to be reassured I found her telling her that she was feeling a bit of a headache and could not get up from her place. I looked at her face and sank, it was pale in a strange way, as if she had been sick for years, not just an hour.

I tried to reassure her, but she was really tired. I took her without thinking to the nearest hospital and we entered the reception. The doctor reassured me that she was a little tired and that the headache she had was due to exhaustion, and that she would only have a solution for two hours and she would be fine.

My heart squeezed from the pain at her and I saw her smiling even though I knew that she was in pain from the needles, and I knew very well that she was very afraid of her.

"God is great, God is great, God is great, there is no god but God"

"Allah is great! Allah is Great! and the praise to Allah"

And I began to hear the sound of the Eid takbeers, and I was very sad that it was not beside me like every year so that we could go together to pray the Eid in the square, and in the midst of my wanderings with this beautiful sound of the takbeers, I felt a strange tinsel and a nurse running anxiously, I looked towards her with incomprehension and I approached my wife’s room while my heart was pounding violently accommodate..

I heard the wheeze and found the doctor and a nurse with him trying to do more than one thing with her, to the extent that they used an electric shock device, I stood paralyzed watching the situation without any awareness, my nerves were all collapsed and my veins became dryer than a stone..

And after seconds of real terror, I saw the answer in the doctor's eyes, and I wish I had died before seeing this look and hearing this word: "Survival is for God."

"God is great, God is great, God is great, there is no god but God"

"Allah is great! Allah is Great! and the praise to Allah"

And I heard the takbeers again, and I looked at the sky, and tears flowed without the first to last, tears that I don’t think can end one day, and I sat on the ground and put my hands on my brain and I see it in my imagination, I see the pious chaste woman going up to heaven on the day of Eid, going out to receive the reward of the Lord’s pleasure , and the satisfaction of a husband, and worship that has no first than the last..

I was left very shocked, I was condolence and I saw in all eyes a look of astonishment, and they all had the same question on their tongues..

How did she die??

I myself do not know how she died. It is said that it was a severe drop in blood circulation, and I say that it is a good ending. The woman who never upset me deserves a lot. Oh God, grant her the highest paradise for her obedience to me all these years. My wife died, she died and left me burning with a thousand thousand threads of blazing fire..

But the strange situation that I noticed at the funeral was that there were about four women who looked very worn out, coming to condolence, as if they were cleaning workers in the street.

Lord, honor her as she honored us, Lord, honor her as she honored us

I didn’t understand who these people were and how they could know my wife, and I didn’t understand how my daughters greeted them with this passion, my daughters who still don’t understand until now that their mother died at all, and the condolence ended and my heart was broken forever, and I thought that this was the end, but it was the beginning of things stranger than imagination..

Two days after the condolence, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of my daughter Aseel crying in her room. I got up from my sleep groggy and went to her room worried. I opened the room and found Aseel sitting in the corner of the room crying with a burning sensation and her sister Hadeel asleep in her seventh sleep. I hugged Aseel and asked her in a quiet voice, and she said:

Why are you crying, my love?

- The bad woman hits me while I'm sleeping

I looked at her with concern and amazement and said:

- Who are you, my love, there is no one but your sister

- What makes my sister wake up and hit me hard?

I looked at her sleeping sister and hugged her very much and went to sleep with her in bed to calm down for a while, and the day was very normal, but the second day and after midnight I woke up crying again and I heard the sound of a shower in her room, I went to the room and I was worried I found her sitting in the same sitting and crying again, but What I noticed was that her hair was loose, as if she had really been beaten. Hadeel woke up harshly from sleep and asked her angrily

"You hit your sister."

I found Hadeel staring at me in astonishment, and she went back to sleep as if she wasn't here. I tried to comprehend the situation and calmed Aseel, who wasn't on her tongue, except that the lonely woman said to Aseel that she hit me, and I slept with her the next night.

And the third night, I found Aseel coming before bed and she was very afraid, and she asked me to sleep with her. I was about to go back to work and I wanted to deal with the matter quickly. I stayed next to her in bed until she fell asleep, and I made coffee that I drank and sat in the hall, remembering Zainab, the woman who made me live in heaven on earth. Over the course of 6 years, I did not hear a word from her, “No” or “I can’t.” Every time I got angry with her, she said, “Your satisfaction is our Lord’s satisfaction.” Don’t be upset, and your right is with me.

For the first time I feel this brokenness, a brokenness greater than mine on the day of my father's death, as if I were a little family lost in a market full of thousands, or is it his mother? .

I felt an electric shock stuck in my body. I looked closely and found that there was actually someone standing in the darkness in front of the room, especially a female body. I sought refuge in God from the accursed devil, but in a moment I moved and penetrated the door of the girls room. And two or three I don't know..

What made me mad was that I began to hear crying and laziness again, but with the sound of crying there was a sound as if an animal was squeezing, I called once or twice on I lament, but I did not answer, at that time I was crazy, if anything happened to my daughters, I could die, I banged on the door one, two, and three times until it broke I went in to run them.

And I saw the most difficult scene I could ever see in my entire life. I saw Hadeel standing on all fours and a maid stomping in an ugly way towards her sister Aseel who was curled up in the corner of the room and crying with a burning voice. She screamed loudly and said:


I had a spit that froze the blood in my veins, and it kept going in a strange way, once, twice, and three times, in the end I grabbed her head rigidly and kept shaking as if she had fallen into a terrible epileptic fit.

We came back to the house and I was oppressed, I felt a great fear, I felt that I was alone, and I felt danger all around me, and the feeling increased even more when I entered the bathroom at night and suddenly I heard her scream from inside..

As usual, the door does not open, I tried to break it, but it was strong and solid, and behind me I heard laughter, it was cooing, and I met her with a rough voice, she spoke and said

“Let her be punished, or I will punish you.”

For the first time, I felt terrified of my little daughter, but it was useless to leave my daughter in the bathroom. I tried once or twice until the door was broken, and when I entered, I found I was lying passed out in the bathroom, and Hadeel was not satisfied to stop laughing and gloating, as if she was happy in an eternal enemy..

We went to the hospital again, and there were new tests, nothing new, and we came home and I was finished, I feel a great collapse, I feel like a small child who wants to be thrown into the lap of an old man, at that time I remembered Zainab, and I cried more than I cried for her on the day of her death, because if she were with me, she would have made me very easy oh oh..

I spread the prayer mat after the girls fell asleep, and I prayed to God very much. I prayed that he would save us in honor of their pious and pure mother. I prayed for her good deeds and that he honors her after her death with her daughters.

In the end, I slept, I slept, and I felt Zainab plump me, I saw her white face, and she was smiling in a very beautiful way.

Zainab, are you alive?

I smiled and didn't reply

"Zeinab girls get strange things, you know how to help me"

At that time, I took a shower, I took a shower in front of her, I saw and saw one woman who looked sloppy, and the dream ended, I woke up and I was going crazy, I didn’t understand, but after a long thought I remembered, these are six of those who were present on the day of the funeral, I woke up and asked her with excitement about the sloppy women who greeted them funeral day..

After a long trick, she remembered and said

"This is the woman whose mother and father go to give her money."

I know Aya, the friend of my wife, I have to go and understand the story. The second day I went on a surprise visit to Aya’s husband’s apartment. I knew him because I saw him twice.

And I told them everything, I told them while I was oppressed, afraid, worried. He married her with onions and said:

"Who are these women, Aya?"

“These are cleaning workers whom Zeinab knows, may God have mercy on her. She allocated a salary of 1,000 pounds every month to each of them. Every month she used to collect money from us and give them money, and for almost three years she was committed to this issue.”

At that time, I remembered, I remembered, when Zainab asked me for permission, that she would do good with the two thousand Egyptian pounds that she takes from me monthly outside the house, and I agreed.

I looked at Aya's husband and said

"But I also don't understand."

He plumped me and said

"I just understood"

"understand me please"

“It is clear that there is someone who worked on your daughters with severe magic, God forbid, and from a very long time ago, but the harm of magic is lifted thanks to your wife’s alms, the charity that removes the greatest calamity, and the favor is lifted for many years without it happening until your wife died and the charity stopped, and your wife when she came to you in the dream was She tells you that the solution is to continue and get handouts for the women again.”

And I could not hold myself from crying even in front of a verse, I cried a lot, how great my wife was, six of them are for our Lord along, in my world her presence prevents great harm, and even after her death she helps me by the grace of God, at that time the man completed his words and said

"Generally, we will take the girls to a good therapist and see the story of this magic, but complete your wife's charity, and never stop her."

The strange thing is that his words were true, and I preferred a sloppy week with a sheikh, but our Lord completed the healing of my daughters at his hands in the end, and he told me that magic has been done for a very long time, and that this monster woman is the servant of magic, and that he was surprised how its effect began only these days..

But I knew, my wife's charity was a great relief for us. My wife’s charity worked a miracle in my house for three years, at that time I remembered every talk about charity and feeding food, I remembered every person who will regret it on the Day of Resurrection and say

so give charity and be of the righteous

And how will there be regret for wasted worship more than the lack of charity, because they saw how on the Day of Resurrection its reward is great, and how it protects from hell, and how it extinguishes the wrath of the Lord, and how it protects from the calamities of the world. And thank you to every person who gives charity for the sake of God, and he does not know that he is doing the greatest deeds with God..

The likeness of those who spend their money in the way of God is like a grain that grows seven ears of grain, in each ear a hundred grains. Double for whom He wills, and God is All-Encompassing, All-Knowing. Those who spend their money in the way of God and then do not follow back what they spent from us, and they have no harm. Their reward is with their Lord, and they have no fear. upon them, nor shall they grieve

Written by: Ahmed Mahmoud Sharkawy


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