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story The cup of coffee, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharkawy

 story The cup of coffee, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharkawy

At work, I have a co-worker named Hayam, a vivid example of a shameless, promiscuous girl who can do anything that comes to her head without any restrictions. A female who knows how to use the weapon of femininity with ingenuity that exceeds that of Cleopatra herself. A request as if holding a misfortune..

story The cup of coffee, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharkawy

She enters the morning dressed in semi-naked clothes and fragrant perfume, and walks joking and laughing with the bricks of the floor, a strange joke that can reach hands, everyone was lusting for her from his looks, but no one was able to reveal this, especially since all of our colleagues are married, she is the only female who got married a year ago and got divorced, Thirty liberal looking for a man among a thousand males..

Even though I am a human being like them, I was disgusted with this kind of thing, as if despite her beauty and femininity, I saw her as an ugly, disgusting, disgusting entity.

That is why I ignored her from the first day, I did not want to deal with her in any way, not even to see her even by chance, and she noticed this from the first time she touched me, and the instinct of pride began to eat away at her.

A cold war began between her and me. I was a reader in psychology and the psychology of the human psyche. It was very easy to analyze a character like this and anticipate her actions as well. Unfortunately, this made her more excited, even though I wanted her to insult me ​​in my current situation, not more. I am also neither an angel nor a messenger, and I could fall into sedition, but she didn't want me just for admiration.

She wants to satisfy something inside her, and if she surrenders and remains available to her, she will get tired of me and consider me like the rest, and I am impossible to be a male. My father raised me to be a man and I hate the mistake, whoever it is..

. I forgot to tell you that there was an attraction of a special kind that surrounded Hiyam when she announced a hidden talent in her. Hiyam knew how to read cups and palms, and the news spread among the offices like wildfire.

In fact, people continued to come to our office with any excuse to read the palm or the cup for them, but she used to choose someone every day to read his cup and tell him about secrets in his life that no one knows, I still remember the first day when everyone gathered around her and she grabbed the hand of a colleague of mine and started talking

"You don't like her, but you have to live with the situation. You will lose a lot by abandoning her. You are free and you try to get it in any way. Sometimes you think about taking the step, but I think that this is an incorrect decision. Be patient and the opportunity will come to you."

The strange thing is that this colleague of ours started to hiss and his eyes flashed as if she was talking about facts in his life, and the look of fear increased towards Hiyam, especially as she sat him while looking at him sideways and walked away.

And the second day I caught a colleague of Lina and revealed a secret in her life, she told her that your sisters wronged you in inheritance, but your right will return to you.

The strange thing is that our colleague sniffed from the gasp, especially since she had never told anyone about anything in her life, and the day after that she talked about one of our friends going out with a woman other than his wife in Alexandria a week ago. TRUE..

And when I was alone with him, I tried to make sure of him by judgment that he trusted me, and he actually told me that all of Hiyam’s words were true. The topic was thought-provoking. Does this girl use a certain magic or what, but also, I will not concern myself with her, and on the second day I talked about a person with us and advised him as usual, and they started They talk and joke, and in the middle of their words a friend spoke and said:

- Do you think, Hayam, that you can read to anyone the cup?

She looked at him with a clear look of arrogance and arrogance and said:

- naturally

- Ok, you know how to read Moaz

At that time everyone looked at me and she smiled a mysterious smile, a smile of defiance, I looked at her indifferently and spoke to this colleague of mine and said:

- And you believe this quackery too, Saeed

Everyone at the time was surprised by my reaction, and she increased her smile and said:

- Ok, what do you think if you revealed your life in front of all these people tomorrow?

I gave her a mocking look and said:

- Only God knows the unseen, wise man

My style provoked her more and the looks of confidence disappeared, and with sharp intelligence she spoke and said:

- Moaz does not lie, and we all know this, and I challenge him tomorrow to talk about special needs in his life, and he says at that time, is this true or false, what do you think or am I afraid

I looked at her more mockingly and said:

- I agree

At that time, everyone was excited, as if it was the confrontation of our master Moses with the magicians of Pharaoh. Everyone knew that I did not lie, and everyone wanted to know the truth where. Despite my fear, I did not like all these deception matters and did not believe them despite everything. But inside me, part of me was afraid that she really knew about something in me. my life..

At night, I spoke to one of my friends, one of the few who can help you in almost every need. He is educated, religious, and a real man. I told him everything, and after thinking, he said:

- I'll talk to you today, don't answer her other than what you say, don't answer her

- Why are you so sure?

Before he responded, I received a WhatsApp message from Hiyam. I read it from Barra, and she was a writer:

- What are you doing, artist, ready or not?

I spoke to my friend and told him to laugh. He tells me to answer her and say this, and you only continue when you come back. I called him on his phone, opened WhatsApp on the device, and he started following up with me:

"I'm fine Hiam, I'm ready."

"I am excited to see how you look and reveal all your secrets in front of people"

“I told you that only God knows the unseen.”

The strange thing is that Hiyam used to send each message with a WhatsApp sticker, once Tom and Jerry, once a rabbit, and so on, and with one of the messages I sent a sticker, but it did not appear, and I automatically went to step on it to make it appear, but my friend at the time told me to wait and asked me to take a screenshot of this sticker. .

When I sent it to him, he said that he closed the chat and started laughing. He told me that this is a hacker program, a distance trampling on the poster, the other party can see all your conversations, and I think there is no person who does not tell a thousand secrets about him to people on his WhatsApp, and he is playing with people in this way, sending messages to people at night and hacking WhatsApp, and reading The chats and she knows enough information about this person’s secrets, and the next day she tells and advises her advice in a theatrical way, and with the features of the person she is able to control him and delude him that her advice will come true..

That is why she asks to read daily for one person only. I went to check with a colleague and asked him if Hiam had spoken to him on WhatsApp a day before she read his palm, and the words turned out to be correct. At that time, I smiled with great joy.

And I went to work while I was at the height of confidence and happiness, and everyone was waiting, but she was shaky, worried, especially since she did not know how to hack my WhatsApp, and she looked at the palm of my hand and started saying incorrect words in a weak voice and a tone of anxiety that was unlike the tone of her voice when she was reading to someone else..

And everything she said needed to be said with a smile


I used to witness people close to me and call them in front of my colleagues, and everyone knew that I wasn't lying, and I saw the sweat forming on Hayam's forehead, at that time I called her sarcastically and said:

- I told you that only God knows the unseen

I left her and went to my office, and some of the girls who were jealous of her received ridicule and mockery until the end of the day, but what I saw in her eyes was a look of anger and revolution, hatred and hatred for the man who broke her and brought her nostrils to the ground, and her hatred increased when everyone shook her and no one left her the next day, and even Those who read them before me took advantage of the opportunity and denied her words because she revealed scandals about them.

And she was not going to give up easily, and she had to break me in order to restore her prestige in front of people, and one night while I was sleeping, I saw a gray bear running after me and biting at my leg, and when I looked at him, I found her in a hurry..

I woke up worried and prayed to God that it would be good, and when I interpreted the dream, I knew that the blood represented the harmful woman, and she bit her, which meant a great attempt to harm, and this made me the second day watching her from under to under, especially since she was unusually tense and trying to ignore my looks in every way..

And at noon, I got up to perform ablution and pray. Only Hiam and I were in the office. I put my jacket, as usual, on the chair, along with the bag, and left. Before I entered the bathroom, I felt obsessed with returning to the office quickly, and I returned immediately to be surprised by Hiam putting something in my bag. When I went back to her office, I went back, as if I had seen something, and after half an hour I took my bag and went to the bathroom. I kept spinning around in it so much that I suspected that I was imagining, but in the lining of the bag I found small pieces that would have been impossible to notice if I had not searched so carefully..

I stretched out my hand and found a small sheet of paper with many layers applied, I opened it quietly and the thunderbolt was a work, a lot of talismans and incomprehensible words, I felt at that time that there was a fire burning inside me, I was going to take a random decision to make a big problem, but I held on, and kept thinking, and I found no one but my friend to talk to him And seek help from him, and when I told him, he said a text

"Put the paper in its bag in a hidden place, and let the magic turn against the magician."

I liked the idea, and I spoke to a colleague with us who pulled her out because I wanted to straighten my clothes. He laughed at my naivety and pulled her out. I opened her bag and cut a very small piece of the lining of the bag, put the paper in it, and went back to my place..

Since that day Hiyam was absent, she was absent for more than a week, some said that she was very ill, and some said that she had traveled, but some colleagues, when they checked on her, said that she was very ill, and after ten days I found her by sending me on WhatsApp

"Follow me, Moaz, I am dying"

"Good Hiyam, reassure me"

“I have a secret that I must tell you, because if I told him, my conscience will rest and I will die, and you will forgive me.”


"I don't read palms or anything, I used to hate mobile phones no more, and when I didn't know how to do it with you, and out of my anger, I spoke to one of the business and did you work because you love me against you and admit that I read palms, arrogance from me, unfortunately, because you insulted me in front of them, but after I gave you work and from that day And I am in a disaster, I feel that you are really pure, and may God save you from disasters. I see a man with four legs in my dreams, beating me at night and sexually assaulting me. I live in terror that I cannot get rid of, so I decided to kill myself so that I might rest. I ask you to forgive me for the sake of God.”

For the first time, it was difficult for me. I spoke to my friend quickly, and he told me that the servant at work was torturing her, and this is expected because she did not go to work because of her stupidity. He told me to show her the location of the paper in her bag and ask her to burn it.

I sent it to her, but she didn’t answer. I called her on the phone once or twice until she answered crying hysterically. She was really trying to commit suicide. I told her where the paper was and asked her to burn it. She did that while she was stunned.

Every girl decided to kill the quality of modesty that God distinguished her with, and every girl decided to butt men and come out with the dress of dignity and femininity. Unfortunately, the world punishes these types with severe punishment. Those who kill their modesty will be oppressed by the world, and they will find themselves a cheap commodity in the hands of males, and perhaps a commodity in the hands of the jinn or Female lusts, arrogance, arrogance, and jealousy. The whole destruction of the female begins with killing her modesty, and the whole beauty of the female is in her modesty, even if she abandons it, then she has departed from her identity and remains nothing.

Written by: Ahmed Mahmoud Sharkawy


The shyness of Mrs. Aisha, may God be pleased with her and please her

When the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, died, he was buried in the Noble Prophet’s Chamber.

She used to enter the room without her clothes

She says: He is my husband.

When he was buried with the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, Abu Bakr

Mrs. Aisha kept entering her lap in the same condition.

She says he is my father.

When Al-Faruq Umar bin Al-Khattab was martyred,

He was buried in the Prophet's chamber.

Mrs. Aisha, may God be pleased with her, did not enter that room unless she was modest.

She has to wear hijab because she is shy that some of her adornment appears in front of a man who is not one of her mahrams.

Even though he is dead and buried in the grave, and although he is the Farouk Omar, may God be pleased with him

Where she said: By God, I did not enter except while I was tied to my clothes, ashamed of Omar.

Oh God, beautify all Muslim women with modesty, Lord of the worlds.

Written by: Ahmed Mahmoud Sharkawy