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A story of revenge from the other world, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharkawy

 A story of revenge from the other world, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharkawy

I complained a lot about my husband, but unfortunately, there was no answer. I went to my family angry more than ten times, and every time they took me back against me and told me that I had nothing but my house and my husband, even though I was complaining about unbearable things, I never complained about lack of money, food or Drink, and you would bear all this without a word..

A story of revenge from the other world, written by Ahmed Mahmoud Sharkawy

But drinking marijuana at home daily is what caused me all the problems in my life. marijuana used to turn him into a monster, beat him, threaten to kill him, and torture him without any mercy or pity, and every time I complained, they used to say that this is your cousin and all men are like that, and God willing, our Lord will guide him, to some extent. I really started to fear him, and I fear for my life, and every night I locked myself with a key, fearing his terrifying ups and downs, especially since he held the knife on me more than once and was going to kill me.

I spent that night very sad and all the memories piled up on me, especially from the first day my cousin proposed to me. He was a religious and respected person who proposed to me before her, but my family rejected him, and they approved of my cousin even though he had bad manners and had many problems, but because he was financially comfortable and the name is my cousin, corrupt customs They prefer it to the religion that does not say that a father throws his daughter this shot at one person and does not pray and does not know our Lord, and in the midst of my grief over my current situation and my prayers for our Lord to get rid of this life, I heard a knock on the door, it was my husband Khaled, and his voice indicated that he was drinking hashish and a banjo and leaning on the other, I replied He turned to him from the inside of the room with fear and asked him:

- what do you want

I met him with sarcasm, he said:

- I want you

- I once told you that when you get over this shit, I will come to you

And it was the word that made him turn into a monster. He started knocking on the door violently while I was trembling with fear inside. He started asking me to open the door with a big revolution. Have a good night...

Until I was completely silent and away from the door, I thanked God and gave myself a good health, and suddenly, I heard a violent blow on the door handle with a hammer, he was breaking the door on me, and this is something that says that he will enter and kill me as long as he reaches this stage of the revolution, I saw my place of the two testimonies because if it was the last night In my age..

And a blow after the other until the door was completely broken and I found him inside me, a devil, a devil inside was taking revenge on me and he had a huge knife in his hand, I got up from my place and tried to escape from him until he flopped in the chair and fell on the ground, and before he moved I went out running and opened the door to the street and I went out running in The street while my heart was pounding violently and I was dying of fear, and I heard his screams in the house and he swore that he would kill me, but I waited for a moment and ran and ran until I entered a completely dark street, and the country at night was quiet and completely silent, and I heard the sound of my husband's footsteps running behind me to catch up with me, In a moment, I found the door of an old house opening, and an old woman was consulting me to enter.

As soon as I entered, the convoy of the door left completely, and I fell behind the door out of fear and kept crying and shaking, she gently stroked me and let me inside, the woman whose house was very old, as if it was a house from the last century, a house built of mud bricks, and the hall of the house is very old, and there is a sofa from its own She was put in the hall with an old blanket on her, she took me by the hand and made me sit on the sofa and went in to make tea, but I thanked her and she came to sit beside me..

She was a very old woman, and her face was engraved with the number of wrinkles that I had never seen in my life. Nevertheless, her smile explained the heart. Without hearing my story, she asked me to go into the room and rest for a while, and she told me a text:

"In the night we will find a thousand solutions"

Out of my tiredness and fear, I heard her words and went to sleep. There was a very old bed on which I laid down and slept. It was almost 10 o’clock at night, and I slept feeling that I had fallen into a very deep coma. :

Oh Fathia, oh Fathia

I heard a female voice say:

"You came, Abdul Ghaffar."

"Oh Jeet, what did you do with what I told you about?"

I heard the female voice say:

"I told you, I wouldn't do any of this."

"My death sentence remains for you."

And I heard a terrible screaming sound, I shrank and felt that my heart would come out of its place, and in a moment I heard steps running towards the room in which she was sleeping, and I saw a young girl enter the room and a huge man entered behind her and he looked like a devil, and on the bed I was sleeping on he stabbed her more than ten stab wounds I saw the scene and shivered, terrified.

I saw the blood coming down from the girl's body, and I saw her eyes as she looked at me and extended her hands to save her, and I screamed, I screamed and ran outside, I tried to open the door once or twice, but it wouldn't open, and behind me I heard the old woman's voice saying:

- Don't be afraid and come

I looked at her in horror and said:

- There is one who kills one inside

- He killed her a long time ago, and the story is over, don't be afraid

I looked at her in astonishment when she was consulting me to go back, at that time the sound in the room had completely disappeared, she asked me to enter the room again, and I felt that I was walking with no choice, as if she had enchanted me, and I entered the room and did not find anything at all, no corpses or anything..

I went back to the woman and I was stunned when she asked me to sit down. I sat beside her while shaking so she could say:

- I feel everything you are in, my daughter

- Ok, who are these? I don't understand anything

- This is a woman who was killed in this house a very long time ago by her husband

I felt like I was dying of fear and said:

- Ok, and I can be killed too

- No, you will not die, he will die

At this moment, I heard a violent knock on the door and my husband's voice calling for a mule and asking me to take him out. I got up and said:

He knew from where I was here

- We are the ones who showed him the place, stay where you are and as soon as he comes out, get out

At this moment, the door was broken and my husband entered, and in a moment I found a woman who looked like me running and entered the room, and he entered behind her with a knife while cursing and cursing, as if he did not see me at all.

- who are you

- I am Fathia the murdered

I ran as fast as I could and went out to the street, and from there I came back to my house again, dead of fear. I locked the door of the room and asked Rana to cover it for me until the morning, and the next day I heard commotion in front of the door, and I found the people of the town carrying my husband’s body and saying that they had found the door of the old abandoned house of Fathiya broken. And when they entered, they found my dead husband inside, and it seems that he was using something in the abandoned house, and he died because he was famous for using..

And my husband died in a strange way than imagination and was buried, and I kept secret about the matter completely, until a third woman came to me on the day of condolence and stayed with me until the end of the condolence, and after that she told me:

- Fathiya, may peace be upon you

My whole body stiffened and I told her:

- Fathia Maine

- Fathia who defended you from death

- Who are you? I don't understand anything

- I am your aunt, Umm Muhammad, who lives in the house next to Fathia's house, may God have mercy on her.

- For God's sake, understand me, I don't understand anything

- Come on, my girl

“Fathiye, may God have mercy on her, she was my neighbor for many years. She was a drunken woman and everyone loved her. Until she married a man, and the devil is one named Abdul Ghaffar. He used to beat her and torture her and make her a slave under his hand. She used to leave the house naked and neglected every day. Nevertheless, she was patient and prayed. Our Lord, no one complained like this after that, to the extent that he began to ask her to work in the houses as a servant after she came from working the land so that he would know how to answer his own, and of course she refused completely until he recklessly attacked her one night and killed her.

“The house was abandoned for years, but she preferred to maintain our friendship and she used to visit me. I always saw her, may God have mercy on her, until your problem happened and she entered her house, and then she lured your husband with a woman who looked like you until he entered the house and took revenge on him.

I felt like I was hearing something from the stories of One Thousand and One Nights, but it is. After 20 years and I became a grandmother when I got married again, I tell the story to my grandchildren who think I am a thousand for them, but the story is true, very real, and I always said that the oppressed is our Lord who is stopped by the soldiers of heaven and earth, and that the oppressed Our Lord restores his right to him no matter how many years, and that the basis for choosing a husband for a girl is religion and morals, not money or social status at all, and that the one who will put these criteria in her life partner whom she chooses away from morals and religion will often experience woe in her life..

“And your Lord is on the lookout.”

“Be kind to women, for women were created from a rib, and the crooked part of the rib is its upper part, so if you try to straighten it, you will break it, and if you leave it, it will remain crooked, so be kind to women.”


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