WhatsApp Communities .. a new feature coming in the application

WhatsApp Communities .. a new feature coming in the application

WhatsApp has announced a new "Communities" feature, which is designed to provide additional functionality for group chats in the app and includes a host of new features such as file sharing, quick responses, and group voice calls.

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Using Communities, it will be possible to bring related groups together in a way that helps you to organize meaningful connections easily and privately.

WhatsApp has a vision that seeks to help local communities, enabling them to stay connected through various elements within the broader community structure.

People rely on WhatsApp as the primary way to keep people updated, and these groups need private communication methods that differ from social media but provide more tools to facilitate real-time conversations than email and other channels. WhatsApp communities aim to meet this need through inclusive communities that may then include a set of smaller, more specialized conversations.

Each WhatsApp community will contain a description of what the community is for, as well as a list of subgroups in that community that members can choose to join, which will allow all news channels to use the app to communicate.

Voice chats for 32 people are expected to be a good way to improve communication and sharing, as people can log in at any time, while WhatsApp is adding a suite of management tools, including moderation controls, to help manage each chat.

In terms of security, WhatsApp will keep restrictions on sending messages so that unwanted messages are not thrown into the trash in communities.

Community admins will also have the option to unsubscribe from community groups and completely remove community members if they wish.

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