Side Effects of Obesity Learn more about the causes of clogged arteries and heart problems

Side Effects of Obesity Learn more about the causes of clogged arteries and heart problems

The damages of obesity are numerous and lead to the spread of obesity, and studies have shown that obesity is one of the most prominent ways that leads to heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol, in addition to delaying pregnancy and childbirth, which may sometimes lead to death: due to the negative impact of obesity on all parts of the body in which it occurs as a result Of course, there is a great demand for fast food that is full of calories that are higher than what the body needs, so we will explain in this article. What are the effects of obesity on organs and body functions and the potential risks that can lead to death

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Obesity side effects

Obesity is one of the factors that increase heart and lung problems, because the risks of heart disease with the obesity epidemic appear significantly and can lead to heart attacks at any time, and in the following lines we look at the effect of smoking on the heart and acquired cardiovascular diseases and their impact In reducing the chances of fertility and childbirth, and the role of obesity surgery in treating its damages

The effect of obesity on the heart

Obesity affects the health of the heart. When you gain weight, the heart and its functions are overburdened, which makes the heart try to pump blood to the whole body, and the incidence of heart failure is higher in men and women. It can also be caused by increased work done by the heart muscle and increased blood flow, a disease called ventricular hypertrophy, a heart attack caused by being overweight.

Atrial fibrillation:

It is a disease that causes arrhythmia in obese patients between deceleration and acceleration, which leads to a significant increase in blood clots.

Coronary heart disease:

Decreased blood flow due to increased amounts of fat and platelets accumulating in the blood vessels. Obesity is not only one of the causes, but also a major factor in infection.

Cardiovascular and stroke:

Coronary arteries, the main cause of heart attacks and strokes, are caused by plaques, the buildup of fat in the arteries.

The effect of obesity on diabetic patients

Obesity is a major factor in diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, caused by high blood sugar, which increases the body's production of insulin than usual, leading to chronic complications in most parts of the body, including (heart disease, kidney disease, hard-healing infections and wounds, high blood pressure, high triglycerides), a recent study of biochemical changes and blood lipid levels in diabetic patients showed that lipopathy is primarily associated with obesity-induced diabetes, which is characterized by elevated levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood .

Effects of obesity on breathing

The damage to the heart from obesity is not the only problem because the accumulation of fat not only affects the heartbeat, but increases the burden on the heart and lungs, because the risk of obesity on the heart and lungs can cause some breathing problems and shortness of breath. Rest during sleep is the cause of her illness, obesity causes the chest and the accumulation of fat in the neck, which leads to shortness of breath and snoring in obese patients during sleep, which leads to a heavy burden on obese patients. It makes him feel tired and short of breath faster.

The effect of being overweight on relationship and sexual health

Obesity can greatly affect the relationship between couples because it affects men differently and its effect on women has weakened because obesity can harm the intimate relationship between couples and what men face in their relationship question:

The effect of obesity on the marital relations of males

 Decreased sexual ability and desire, as obesity disrupts aromatase production in fat cells, which helps convert testosterone (male hormone) into estrogen (female hormone)

 Men exercise weight during the relationship due to the presence of fatty lumps in the buttocks and abdomen area, which is one of the most prominent disadvantages of obesity for the average person in a normal life.

The slightest effort during intercourse can reduce sexual performance and permanent fatigue.

Erectile dysfunction due to lack of blood flow to the reproductive organs, thus not producing sperm and reducing the chances of fertility and fertility.

The two are constantly getting closer in the relationship between husband and wife, breathing is difficult, comfortable and orderly.

Therefore, most doctors recommend getting rid of excess weight through exercise and healthy eating to avoid the risks of obesity in the marriage.

The effect of obesity on women's marital relationships

As for women, they also have influence but not as strong as men due to two main factors:-

Poor blood circulation: Being overweight restricts the normal blood flow to the genitals, which may lead to frigidity, as well as the accumulation of fat in the waist and abdomen area, which negatively affects the ovaries and fallopian tubes, impairing the ovulation process.

Lack of self-confidence: The woman always takes care of herself, her aesthetics and her appearance, especially in the eyes of her husband, which causes her husband and wife to be alienated and her body is sagging and drooping. overweight.

Does obesity affect a woman's pregnancy and fertility?

One of the most prominent risks of obesity is its negative impact on pregnancy and female fertility, especially for women whose average weight is more than 30 kilograms, now we will discuss the impact of obesity on delayed fertility and how it affects pregnancy and childbirth. ?>

Obesity and late childbirth

Obesity can lead to delayed fertility as most people with overweight problems develop PCOS, which causes menstrual irregularities and stops the work of the ovaries, which is also directly affected by increased insulin secretion in the body and deterioration of female fertility.

Effects of obesity on pregnancy and childbirth

One of the side effects of obesity is that it increases the risk of complications during pregnancy and after childbirth, including:

Gestational diabetes, which is caused by high blood sugar levels, can lead to immediate miscarriage and fetal death.

 Preeclampsia caused by high blood pressure in the body, high protein in the urine or sudden weight gain.

The occurrence of thrombosis and thrombosis in the arteries and within the blood vessels.

The inability to breathe during sleep, which reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the fetus

A cesarean delivery is more likely than a normal delivery, so wounds from diabetes have a hard time healing.

Multiple miscarriages during pregnancy or stillbirths after childbirth

Therefore, most obstetricians and gynecologists recommend losing weight before pregnancy and childbirth to avoid any complications that may put the health of the mother or fetus at risk.

Is obesity a role in solving reproductive problems?

Of course, the impact of obesity is multifaceted, some people believe that bariatric surgery will not only help treat chronic diseases, but also fulfill your dreams of raising children. Because of the weakness of obesity in obesity surgeries, such as gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass surgery, it has a positive effect on pregnancy, as it increases the chances of fertility and fertility, but it is not recommended to become pregnant after at least 6 months of gastric bypass. 12 months after gastric bypass surgery, the fetus is not affected by vitamin deficiencies due to the extra weight.

A "real experience" of the effect of obesity on the heart

Dr. Mohamed Diaa Sarhan, the best obesity doctor in Egypt, admitted that the effects of obesity on her patients are very severe and cumulative, due to high blood pressure and high blood sugar, and that it has a significant negative impact on her patients. The blockage of the circulatory system and the vascular arteries that affects human health is dangerous. In his health center Haitham Kfoury.

Haitham Al-Kfoury was one of the people who were greatly affected by weight gain, and reached the stage of obesity damage, which also increased the damage to the heart from obesity that almost killed it and affected the health of the heart and blood vessels, as he was suffering from it significantly. High blood pressure, almost took their lives more than once, and they are at risk of developing heart disease.

Al-Kfoury explained that the effect of obesity on his heart health was manifested in arrhythmia and high blood pressure, but it returned to normal immediately after the gastric sleeve operation was performed on Dr. Diaa Sarhan to address the problem of human obesity.

How do you get rid of obesity without dieting?

To protect the body from obesity, as we mentioned earlier, there are several proposed solutions that can help a person reach an appropriate weight, as obesity can affect and lead to respiratory and heart problems, which means that you need to achieve the ideal weight, as as soon as possible, One of the most important things that leads you to the fact that surgical obesity is the most prominent solution to the damages of obesity.

Most bariatric surgeries, such as the gastric sleeve or modified gastric sleeve and bypass surgery, have shown effective and strong long-term results, such as eliminating heart damage, because many studies have been conducted on these procedures. The surgery proved to be several years away. These procedures vary depending on the condition of the obese patient.

Gastric sleeve surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy is the most common type of surgery faced with "obesity injuries", gastric sleeve surgery aims to reduce the amount of food that the stomach can absorb on the basis of removing part of the stomach, which gives people a quick feeling. Satiety helps to lose excess weight, and during this procedure 80% of the stomach is removed and sleeved in the form of a tube or a long sleeve, which is what happens in a bikini sleeve surgery, but it is less painful because the surgeon does it. A small incision is made in the lower abdomen to insert the endoscope, then two other incisions, no more than 2 cm in length, are made to cut part of the stomach so that the wound does not leave marks after making it.

There are different types of gastric sleeve, such as the micro gastric sleeve, modified gastric sleeve, and gastric sleeve, and although there are many types, they all serve the same goal of losing weight as quickly as possible.

Re-routing and re-routing process

The bypass process is the best option for diabetics because it reduces the absorption of sugar and fat in the body and treats the damage caused to the heart from obesity thanks to the bypass process that bypasses the first part of the small intestine responsible for the absorption of sugar and fat, which enables the patient to eat what he wants from sugar and fat.

The treatment of obesity damage, whether it is the effects of obesity in adults, or the effects of obesity in children and its effects on the heart, is always recommended for distraction, it is suitable for people over 14 years old, and treats heart disease and diabetes. .

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