Are the sexual benefits of boiling thyme already exist?

Are the sexual benefits of boiling thyme already exist?

The search for herbs that increase sexual performance is common, as well as the sexual benefits of boiling thyme, so what is the scientific research looking for these benefits and their reality?

In addition to the general benefits and side effects of boiled thyme, let's get to know the truth about boiled thyme's sex benefits below, based on research:

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Sexual benefits of cooking thyme: Are there benefits?

In fact, studies on the sexual benefits of thyme were conducted by consuming thyme leaves directly or by injecting its extract into the organisms selected in the study. Studies show thyme benefits for sex:

Myleran reduces the toxicity of male reproductive factors such as sperm health.

It increases testosterone levels in the body.

Improving the properties of semen.

Research proves the benefits of thyme for sex

While the sexual benefits of boiled thyme have not been proven, its benefits have been proven when used in other ways, and here are the most prominent studies conducted on this herb:

1. Learning for the first time

This study was designed to evaluate the adverse effects of thyme on the reproductive characteristics of Mylaran in male rats, of which 66 male rats were divided into 8 groups as follows:

The control group.

Three groups of rats were given thyme extract at a concentration of 4.5, 9 and 18 mg/kg, respectively.

One group of mice was fed Mylaran 10 mg/kg body weight.

Three groups of rats were given Mylaran at a dose of 10 mg/kg and thyme extract at a concentration of 4.5, 9 and 18 mg/kg, respectively.

The treatments were administered intraperitoneally daily for 60 days, after which thyme was analyzed for total antioxidant capacity, sperm health, testosterone levels and germ line.

The result is that thyme reduces the toxicity of mylaran to male reproductive factors.

2. The second study

To understand the ability of thyme leaf consumption to improve male fertility and reproductive performance, this study was conducted on 25 rabbits divided into the following groups:

The control group.

The treated groups were given 4, 8, 12 or 16 g/kg thyme leaves.

The study lasted 90 days, after which the following results appeared:

Improves testosterone concentration and semen properties.

Improving liver and kidney function.

Benefits of cooking thyme

Inadequate research on the sexual benefits of boiled thyme does not negate the existence of its other benefits, as follows:

Lowers Blood Pressure Boiled wild thyme has been found to help lower high blood pressure, but more research is needed on this.

Helps prevent colon cancer.

It helps in the treatment of breast cancer because of its effect on programmed cell death, and its positive effect on breast cancer genes.

Helps relieve symptoms of acute bronchitis, including coughing.

Increases the strength of the immune system, as thyme contains many nutrients that are important for good health.

Thyme side effects

There is not enough information on the medicinal use of large amounts of thyme, so it is best to take it in moderation, except that it may cause some of the following side effects:

Allergies, affect people who are allergic to oregano and similar plants.

Gastrointestinal diseases.

It interacts with certain types of medications, including: anticoagulants, anticholinergics, and hormonal medications, especially those containing estrogen.

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