5 Tips Before Transferring Frozen Embryos

5 Tips Before Transferring Frozen Embryos

There are many procedures and skills before transferring frozen embryos, and this article will talk about a set of skills before transferring frozen embryos in detail.

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Before transferring frozen embryos for women and men please tell us the following tips:

Tips before frozen embryo transfer for women

There are many tips that should be applied before embryo transfer that can help increase your chances of getting pregnant, and women should all follow them, and here are the most prominent ones:

1. Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet helps regulate everything in the body, including hormones and the uterus. Here are general guidelines for a woman's diet before an embryo transfer:

Eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Avoid skipping any meals due to intermittent fasting or the ketogenic diet.

Get carbohydrates from sources that are low on the glycemic index.

Eat fats from healthy sources, such as avocados and certain types of fish, and avoid harmful fats in meat.

Cut back on caffeine.

Drink a lot of water, especially water

2. Receive acupuncture treatment

One of the secrets before transferring frozen embryos is to get as much acupuncture as possible. The procedure improves blood flow to the endometrium, reduces uterine contractility, and reduces response to stress, all of which increase the chances of implantation after an embryo transfer. Pregnancy occurs by moving to the uterus.

3. Get the ideal weight

Before transferring frozen embryos to the uterus, women are advised to maintain their ideal body weight and BMI within the normal range, as this improves the functioning of the whole body and regulates hormones.

Since women have a normal BMI and originally engage in stationary exercises, it is not medically acceptable to complete the exercise before the embryo transfer, but by limiting jogging, as it negatively affects the thickness of the endometrium, it is better to replace jogging as follows:

Walking is a natural way to walk.

Light jogging, ie jogging.

4. Get rid of all chemicals that affect the endocrine glands

The endocrine glands are responsible for hormones, reproductive health and fetal development during pregnancy, so as one of the most important tips before and after the transfer of frozen embryos to women, get rid of chemicals that affect these glands before, during and after embryo transfer, and the following are the most prominent of these materials:


Nail polish.

Parabens, Triclosan and Benzophenone.



Food packaging materials.

flame retardant;

perfluorinated compounds.

Antifouling materials.

Non-stick cookware.




cosmetics perfume

5. Precautions before transferring frozen embryos to other women

They include the following:

Stop taking medications that may interfere with fertility drugs, and then the woman should tell her doctor about the medications she is taking

Start taking important vitamins such as folic acid at least 30 days before the embryo transfer

Get a good few hours of sleep in a room with a cool temperature.

Relax and de-stress as much as possible, yoga and deep breathing exercises can help with that.

Tips before transferring frozen embryos to men

Embryo transfer is a joint process between both partners, so in addition to the advice that a woman should follow, there are also special tips for a man, as follows:

1. Use a condom during sex before the frozen embryo transfer

The purpose of using condoms is to prevent multiple pregnancies, and while this is rare, it is possible.

2. Psychological support for partners

Psychological and emotional support is very important for the woman who will undergo the frozen embryo transfer, and the most important aspect of this support is the partner, as it will reduce her stress and thus help increase her chances of conceiving.

Things that need attention during embryo transfer

Embryo transfer can include many changes and things that must be achieved and accepted because it benefits both parties, here are the details:

Adopting the idea of ​​canceling the embryo transfer process

It is permissible to cancel the embryo transfer process despite the application of all the required conditions, but this does not prevent the occurrence of setbacks to cancel the operation, including the following:

The woman has influenza or any other disease that affects the fetus.

The state of the endometrium of a woman is unsuitable for embryo transfer, which is determined by the doctor after ultrasound.

Here, the doctor can recommend the option of freezing the embryos again until the woman's health improves before repeating the operation, which the couple must accept to avoid anxiety and fear.

Pregnancy test two weeks after frozen embryo transfer

Pregnancy tests performed before this time may give incorrect results due to the effect of medications on this result.

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