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Libyan army naval forces took full control of Sirte

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Libyan army naval forces took full control of Sirte

 On Monday, the Libyan National Army (LNA) took full control of the northern port city of Sirte.
Al-Arabiya al-Hadath tv channel reported that the Libyan National Army took control of al-Saadi's battalion camp in the "Bouhadi" area east of Sirte, and that al-Wefaq militias withdrew from the city, losing their most important camps and their point of movement to their other centers.

The libyan army's entry into Sirte is important because it is the point of movement of al-Wefaq militias, the channel said, adding that the army stormed the city from the eastern and southern axes.
She stressed that the Libyan army's control of al-Saadi battalion means that the battle will move to security headquarters, explaining that there are clashes between army forces and al-Wafaq militias at gate 17 on the eastern axis.