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Tips for Creating Successful YouTube Videos (Pro Tips for Beginners)

Tips for Creating Successful YouTube Videos (Pro Tips for Beginners)

Making a successful YouTube video is the effort of every beginner or professional content maker on this platform, a successful video means more views and more channel popularity, which directly affects the increase in profits.

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You may think that successful video is too expensive or that you need to rely on professionals in areas such as design or photography, which is not true. A method that content industry professionals rely on to deliver successful YouTube videos that beginners in this field can easily apply.

The term successful YouTube video can be a bit generic, as success metrics often vary from video to video among channel followers on this platform.

There are technical factors such as image quality and sound quality, as well as others related to how and how long the content is presented. Even if you don't have much experience in the content industry, most of these factors are: It's easy to consider.

In this article, we show you top tips from professionals to create successful YouTube videos to help you increase your channel revenue easily.

Pro tips for creating successful videos are usually divided into two parts, one related to the content and the other related to presenting the content from a technical point of view, and here we will discuss both in detail.

Top tips for creating successful YouTube content

1. Plan your channel content smartly from the start

Your channel content often controls your video content, so having a content plan for your channel will help you find ideas for your videos,

The channel content step is related to its domains, so what are the domains of your channel?

Determining your YouTube channel's niche is closely related to your target audience, which can be considered a key factor in your channel's success.

Your video may have good visuals, audio, and attractive presentation style, but if you don't target a specific audience, all your efforts will be in vain.

How do you define your target audience? There are several different ways to do this, the easiest of which is to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Note that you are considered a target audience for other creators, which means that your interests guide the process of defining your channel's content and target audience.

If you find it difficult to define your target audience or your channel niche, you can solve the dilemma by answering the following questions:

What is your area of ​​interest? The field could be economics, technology, sports, or an arts related field such as film criticism.

What are the details of your interest in the field (How to invest in the economic field - telephone review of the technical field).

How will the videos you watch help you in this field? (For example, to help you make purchasing decisions).

By answering these questions, you will easily reach your target audience, assuming that you will now focus on providing economic content because your audience is looking for news in this field.

Your videos will be directed to provide specific benefits, such as (for example) providing tips and explaining ways to invest in a particular area. After watching your video, your target audience will want to get a general idea of ​​what is currently available to invest in the space.

Now you can easily create a plan to build the overall content for your channel. The plan may include:

The number of videos you want to create per session (based on your availability and the nature of the content itself).

The content of these videos.

The goal of each video.

The benefits you will provide to your followers through the general content you provide and the benefits of each video in particular.

Based on the previous points, make a plan for the content that you will publish on your channel. Of course, the nature of the content may change the plan in terms of increasing or decreasing the number of videos or even changing their content, but in general any changes to the plan will not be drastic.

This plan will help you organize the content publishing process. Note that at the beginning of your channel, you have to post regularly to get a lot of followers, which is hard to achieve without a structured content creation plan or random generation.

Having a plan for what you'll post over a period of time will save you the effort of researching each video's content over that period.

2. Mark your uniqueness as a magnet to watch the video

There are a lot of creators in every field on YouTube, but every field has no more than one-handed numbers, and they are the most famous and successful of the others. Have you ever thought about the reason for this success?

The answer lies in the approach of these producers, they attract a large number of followers compared to others, and some people create videos without identifying the differences or points of difference that they make in these videos, and this approach is a waste of time and energy.

There are a lot of content creators in every field... If you don't give them new perspectives, what will appeal to your audience? What drives followers to leave top creators and watch videos from beginners? This is a different view.

But can your point of difference help you compete with the professionals in the field? The answer is yes, these professionals can't provide all the information about a field or a product, and there are always things they don't mention, or because they have a different viewpoint in providing that information.

Your job is to find these things and focus on them as your point of difference. This is one of the key elements to help you create content that is different from what other content creators in the field offer.

Your point of difference is your main attraction, which will attract the audience and not anyone else. If you are having a hard time defining this, try to think carefully about the answer to the question: What new things can I offer in this area?

Answering this question may require you to watch a video in the same field as your channel and discover what is missing, and what you think is an important element to present when providing content about that field.

For example, some people hate technical content by not mentioning defects in the products under review, they believe that any product has defects regardless of its price, and not mentioning or ignoring them reduces the value of those products. video.

Another type of audience wants to try a product after a month or more of use or under certain conditions. For example, investing in digital currencies involves significant risks. Did any of the creators you follow mention it?

You may be the type to look for movie reviews that rate a director's vision and the point of view they're targeting, but you don't find current content creators doing so. This could be a good opportunity to enter the field on your own.

The bottom line is that you have to find your point of differentiation that attracts you to follow your own audience. Of course, the point of difference is not the only basic element that you will use to build yourself. Content, but just a competitive advantage can help you succeed in this field.

3. Select your video ideas intelligently on the right basis

Now that you've developed your channel's content plan and details, and you've been able to identify what makes you unique in this field... it's time to find your video idea.

You can rely on a variety of methods and sources to find your channel's video content.

a) Follow the most popular websites and forums that publish content related to your channel's region

Nowadays there is a website dedicated to discussing everything related to any area of ​​life, no matter what area of ​​content you have in your channel, you will find no less than five websites that can be rated as leading in discussing content in that area.

It will benefit you to follow these sites and view their content as someone who is passionate about the field. As for the content industry, these sites are a treasure trove of new ideas for several reasons.

These sites always discuss the most important issues and challenges in the field that their followers are currently experiencing, and don't forget that these sites often have the scoop on new products and news in the field.

For example, some of these tech sites are able to get exclusive leaks of products that have not yet been released in the consumer market.

I am looking for the main sites in your channel's content area and keep following them. Make checking the content of these sites your daily habit, such as checking social networking sites and your email inbox.

In addition to the website, there are many global forums that are a source of many global ideas and international discussions in a field, the most important of which are Quora and Reddit, be sure to create an account on these two forums and specify your field of interest for each of them.

Cora and Reddit will alert you by sending a message to your email when a member asks a question related to your interests, so you can stay on top of trending topics in the channel's content area.

b) Get inspiration from your followers

Your followers are basically the people you feed the content to, so it's important to research their suggestions about what they want you to discuss. Note that your audience's suggestions are usually from topics that are important in the field or topics that many people are currently interested in.

Of course, getting inspired means reviewing those ideas and looking for possible content to create based on those ideas. Audience suggestions may include ideas that are difficult to implement, currently inappropriate, or of no interest to a large audience.

You can follow viewers' comments on your videos to search for new ideas and choose the ones that most of them ask for. You can also vote in comments or YouTube posts (also known as community posts).

Finally, social media platforms are a great way to connect with your audience better than YouTube comments. From your Facebook channel page or group, you can ask your followers what they are most interested in and want you to discuss.

Motivating your own content ideas from your followers has other benefits besides helping you research video content. When your followers notice that you are considering their suggestions, they will increase their loyalty to you and your channel, which will positively reflect its popularity and increase its success.

c) Follow popular events (trends) in the field of channel content

In each period, field followers are interested in a particular topic, which may be related to an annual event, a general problem or a new product.

As a content creator, you must follow and create content on the topics that are making waves in your channel.

Note that most content creators take this approach, in other words, ignoring trending topics will leave you tweeting on your own and won't work well.

Imagine that all tech creators are talking about newly released products and you are ignoring them or discussing other products that your audience is not currently interested in, this approach will negatively affect your channel, at least you may lose a lot of views and followers.

There are many benefits to creating videos about trending or popular content. Creating these videos means that you, as a content creator, are up to date on these topics and are interested in discussing them with your audience and expressing your opinion on them.

Also, as a content creator, you always need to research ideas and keep up with trends for the video content on your channel to make the process easier.

When everyone interested in your field talks about a topic, that topic is usually also of interest to your followers, so there is no need to make a video on another topic at least for the time being.

However, it is important to focus only on indicators that are relevant to your niche, with which you can benefit your followers. your mask.

The Google Trends tool can be used to find the hottest trends that are currently occupying your audience.

d) Choose the video content yourself (what you want to talk about)

It is important that you enjoy creating content added to your channel, sometimes this may not be available in the previous ways, sometimes you want to discuss a product or topic that interests you and you want to spread it to your audience and followers.

This approach is used by a large number of YouTube content creation professionals, but it may be different for beginners, as veteran content creators in a field can sometimes become popular due to their popularity and size as the source of topics and trends for their massive followers.

For starters, creating different or spam content should be done with extreme caution. Creating content that viewers are not looking for or that is not part of their primary interests in your channel may not get the engagement you need, and repeating this content may cause you to lose a large number of followers.

In any case, you can find links between the topic you want to discuss and the area of ​​interest of your followers. You can also create video content that discusses the topic in a way that your followers might be interested in, and motivate them to watch and interact with the video.

e) Monitor competitors and learn from them

Keeping track of your competitors (or colleagues) in the content industry will help you create successful YouTube videos in many ways.

Competitors that are larger than you are a good resource for learning and understanding the behavior and nature of your target audience. Your competitors have put a lot of effort into researching this area, so you can take advantage of it to grow yourself and offer your content.

Of course we should not confuse education with parody, because the latter can have a bad effect on the popularity of your channel, especially in the beginning.

Following your competitors will help you discover opportunities to partner with them to deliver unique content to your audience. In general, it is beneficial to develop strong friendships and friendships with colleagues and competitors in the content industry.

simple exercise

Watch a video of your favorite creator and try to extract the elements that help you like the video, is the creator the same and his presentation? Did his use of certain tools make you like the video, etc.?

Write down the items you find and analyze them. Try to touch on general elements that are not related to the content. Only if you intend to provide similar content on your channel, you can use the content items as a guide.

Discovering your favorite elements in any content is an important personal guide for you as a YouTube content creator, a point of view that you believe will help you create a successful YouTube video that increases your subscribers, increases your watch time and brings you huge profits.

4. Focus on YouTube SEO

Search engine optimization or search engine optimization (SEO) is a common term for improving a website's ranking in search engine results.

Like search engines, YouTube ranks search results based on its SEO, which is slightly different from its peers.

As a content creator, you want your videos to be at the top of search results when YouTubers search for the topics you bring up in your videos. This can be achieved by looking at some of the basics of YouTube SEO.

SEO for YouTube may require an article dedicated to discussion, however, the most important essential factors can be summarized as follows:

a) Target keywords when choosing video titles

Keyword targeting isn't limited to websites, it's a key element of YouTube SEO, and as a YouTube content creator, make sure you always target specific keywords to make up your video title.

You can use popular YouTube SEO tools like:

  • See VidIQ (browser extension).
  • Companion
  • Keyword Tool
  • Don't worry, these tools are not difficult to use, and most of them are free.

One of the important things about using keywords in your video titles is that you naturally use these words. The normal use of keywords is to use them to create your video title in a way that is clear and understandable to your followers.

Adding keywords just to follow YouTube SEO standards and not caring about creating easy-to-understand titles will not give you the expected results with those keywords.

Regarding video titles, in general, it is always recommended to use a video title of less than 70 characters in order for the full title to appear in the search results. You can also formulate a title in the form of a question, as the question term is the most common search term.

Note: We highly recommend avoiding misleading titles, as this can cause visitors to leave the video quickly, which can negatively affect its ratings.

b) Use appropriate keywords as tags for your video content

YouTube creators recommend the use of tags to let search engines know about your video content. Experts explain that YouTube's algorithms use tags to understand video content and context.

This way, YouTube can learn how to associate your video with similar videos, thus expanding the reach of your content.

Choose hashtags wisely and don't use inappropriate hashtags because you think it will bring you more views, an action that could get you penalized on YouTube.

c) Rate your video

YouTube video rating helps in selecting the video fields to display in the appropriate format and order, after uploading the video, go to the advanced settings section and select the appropriate category for it.

Choosing a video category or categories is another way to combine your videos with similar content on YouTube. This way, the platform will add your video to different playlists and it will appear in front of more audiences who have the same interests as your audience.

d) Describe your video accurately

In the video description or description section, be sure to accurately describe the content of the video. The video description should contain no more than one or two sentences to describe its content in a way that does not include the video title.

Below the video description sentence, you can add your social media channel page or any other link related to its content.

2. Technical and technical factors related to the displayed content

These factors relate to the nature and quality of the video you will add to your channel. Providing great content without paying attention to the quality of the video itself would be a waste of your efforts. Also, well-designed videos give an impression of quality and professionalism, which helps in increasing your channel followers.

You have to make a high quality video or you will find it stable on the last page of search results.

YouTube cares deeply about the time visitors spend on your videos, let's be clear, no one forces themselves to watch poor quality videos, garbled characters or muffled audio.

Now, from a technical point of view, here are the most important factors to consider when presenting your video content:

1. Sound and picture

How many times have you been unable to continue watching the video because of poor sound quality or poor picture quality? a lot isn't it? Well, this reminds you of the importance of sound and image quality in creating a successful YouTube video.

Do not get tired of creating videos with the highest possible image and sound quality, it can be expensive, especially at the beginning of channel creation. The most important thing to think about about the audio and video image is that both are clear and the video is publicly viewable.

2. Edit

Video editing is a necessary stage of its production, as a beginner or professional content producer, you do not need to edit the video in a cinematic way, and the editing process mainly aims to produce a consistent video in several aspects, including:

  • The image and sound are synchronized.
  • Video colors are as natural as possible.
  • There is nothing wrong with the thought order of the content and the way it is presented.
  • Visuals are added in proportion to the content (this is an optional step due to the nature and presentation of the content).
  • You can rely on free video editing software or websites, and don't worry, most of these websites are suitable for beginners in this field.

3. External video thumbnail

The image that appears in front of the viewer before clicking on the video or thumbnail is one of the important elements to attract followers, and the image must express the content of the video in an innovative and attractive way.

If you provide content that discusses tangible products, you need to choose images that express those products, and of course the image design is closely related to the channel and video content.

However, YouTubers and followers are known to prefer videos that clearly display images relevant to their content.

Avoid adding images that are not related to the content of the video or are only intended to attract attention, which could lead to negative interactions, both on the part of your followers and on the part of YouTube itself.

Don't worry, you don't need professional tools and skills to create unique external images, there are plenty of tools that you can use easily, YouTube allows you to choose an image from your video as the cover image.

On the other hand, you should use a minimum pixel image (640 x 360) pixels and make sure the thumbnail looks good at both sizes.

4. Building backlinks after posting videos

Backlinks or backlinks are one of the most important factors for a video's rise in search results, and among the most important and easiest ways to get these links, we recommend the following:

Embed the video on your blog or website.

Share the video on social media.

5. Use YouTube ads

You can invest some money to buy ads on YouTube. This will give your video more confidence in search engines, in addition, it will get a good boost of visitors, which will help it rise in search results.

We do not recommend launching an advertising campaign for any video until you are sure that it is free from errors, has good content, and the only problem is to attract viewers.


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