Unlock any phone without entering the secret code in 10 seconds | Easy and 100% guaranteed method.

Unlock any phone without entering the secret code in 10 seconds | Easy and 100% guaranteed method.

No doubt, everyone needs to know the pattern to unlock all phones, because often we need to secure our phone by making a certain code or pattern, but most of the time we forget this pattern, in this case we need to be quick and simple solutions to unlock the phone without Delete any information it's all in, so we'll cover all mode changes and other simple solutions in the following modes.

Unlock any phone without entering the secret code in 10 seconds | Easy and 100% guaranteed method.

Unlock Patterns for all phones

If you forgot to put the phone, there are some simple solutions to get your phone back to you without formatting the phone, which will delete all the data, information, photos, numbers, etc. on the phone, but Android smartphones are different from each other also different from the company that makes them, because Because their settings are different, the lock may be by voice, face or fingerprint, and the phone may be locked with a code consisting of letters or numbers, or anything else, not all of these systems can avoid problems with a forgotten password or phone lock pattern, so Below, we will try to find solutions to all these problems.

Cancel mode without format

يبحث الجميع عن طريقة لإلغاء قفل هواتفهم دون تنسيق أو تجذير أو غير ذلك ، لحماية البيانات الموجودة على الهاتف من الحذف ، ويمكن تحقيق ذلك عن طريق تنزيل بعض البرامج على الكمبيوتر وفتح الأنماط من خلالها. يمكنك أيضًا معرفة كيفية فتح جهاز iPhone الخاص بك ، الإجراء هو:




Unlock Patterns for all Huawei phones

The way to unlock Huawei Y7 or any other version is through the following steps:

Download  Dr Fone on your computer.

The phone is connected to USB.


Now run the program and click on the word "Unlock Screen".

Now click on the start icon.

Unlock the phone for all Samsung phones

If you forgot the pattern of your Samsung phone, the phone itself has the function of bypassing the lock screen, pattern or fingerprint. This function is "Find My Phone" ، Which is completed with the following steps:

The first step is to set up an account Samsung And log in with it.

The second step is to tap on "Lock Screen".

In the first field, fill in your personal identification number. It must be new.

Now press the "Lock" button located at the end of the phone.

In the final step, the phone will change the screen lock from passcode to passcode so that you can unlock the device.

Android Device Manager can also be used to bypass passcode on phones Samsung By following these steps:

Go to Find My Device google

Now you should be logged into your Google account from any other smartphone or computer.

The Google account must be specific to the locked phone you want to unlock.

Now click on the word "closed".

Now you have to enter your password and press "Lock" again.

If the operation was successful, click on the confirmation word below.

The password field will appear on your phone for the update and the lock will be unlocked.

Now you have to disable the passcode by going to your device settings screen.

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