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Profit from Blogger without Adsense and how to profit from disapproved blogs in the company

Profit from Blogger without AdSense and how to profit from disapproved blogs in the company

Profiting from AdSense is the best way to monetize blogger blogs, and it is known that there are no strong competitors for AdSense, especially if your blog is in its infancy, so you need to get other ways to monetize your blog without having that acceptable in Google AdSense, because A lot of people started making money from their blogs without relying on them, due to their difficult admission conditions, because everyone’s primary goal is to earn money from blog in every way.

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Due to the difficulty of accepting an Adsense blog, people today are looking for the best alternatives to it or other ways to earn from their blogs, which is what we present today in this article, where you will learn through this article how to make money from Blogger without AdSense to get a decent income from working online

Terms of Profit in Blogger Without Adsense

Blogger blogs is a service that can be used online owned by the American company Google, which is a free system for publishing blogs on the Internet, in other words, a service that helps you create a page, and it is a completely free service without paying money, and through it you can publish what you want and write in any field you want.

Learn more about blogs that are profitable away from AdSense and how to make money, because today we give you a detailed explanation of the most important of those ways

Create a blog for blogger in order to achieve profit terms

There are many popular websites built with blogging platforms that allow users to manage the site, add photos and videos, create electronic content, and more.

Ways to earn from Blogger blogs through affiliate marketing

Profiting from affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make a profit from Blogger. All you have to do is promote the commercial product of any affiliate company, in return for a good commission for every sale made by visitors to the blog. The commission rates that you get range from 20% to 70%.% of each product, depending on the financial strength of the product owner, the price of the product and many other factors, and among the most important sites operating in the affiliate marketing system are Clickbank and Amazon.

Earn money by selling your own products to earn money from Blogger

You can sell your personal products on your blog, this method can be very profitable if you can convince a small percentage of your blog visitors to buy your product, tutorials or digital products like apps, pdf books, etc.

In fact, the best way to profit from your blog is to promote and sell your product, because affiliate marketing profits are only a small percentage of the profits, even though it is mainly the person who brought in the customer. Special product, you get more sales through the blog just create your own product.

You can get very low rate of return on Adsense compared to selling your products, because you can earn money from Blogger in different ways, but all these methods have less return than product marketing method when selling your products, all earnings without discount.

To be able to convince your followers to buy from you, you need to build trust between you and your followers, and to do that you can share your work with your blog visitors and they will buy your courses as long as they see you as the professional

Earn money from Blogger blogs through referrals

The referral program is also one of the most important resources to enjoy the benefits of Blogger without relying on Adsense, and you can join one of these programs to entice people to join the program and benefit from it. Profit from referrals.

For example, you can sign up for an advertising company and an old company can cost up to a dollar per subscription program through the link, not only that, the more people subscribe through you, the more profit your blog will earn.

Google Adsense Alternatives To Make Money With Blogger

You can rely on the ads of other companies that compete with Google Adsense to profit from your blog, such as Mediante, which is one of the best companies that offer you money to place ads on your site, try all Adsense alternatives and choose the one that suits you best.

For me and many bloggers, based on experience and knowledge, Ezoic is the best alternative in terms of revenue from visitors by placing ads on the company, followed by adesttera, yalex and many others who can add their blog ads and start earning from it.

How to make money from CPA blogger

Earn money from Cpa is one of the best way to benefit from your website visitors and earn money, real business and reliable business is to make great income from your blog with simple and easy steps.

  To get started, you need to choose an honest, prominent and relevant CPA company that is relevant to your blog field, because choosing the right company, your blog, and your experience in this field is the first step in the field of Cpa and is one of the most important secrets of earnings from this field, because of the different sites and types of offers.

Choose the company, then choose the most suitable offer and place ads on the blog to get profit from Blogger

Make money from blogger by attaching files

Earning money from downloading files is one of the easiest and most popular ways to access the Internet and it is one of the best areas of work on the Internet for beginners because it does not require experience, all you have to do is upload the file to one of the file download sites that will pay you for every 1000 attachments of this file

You get $2 to $7 per 1000 downloads. This is a great way to make a profit from your blog, but you should have a lot of visitors and you will be a great source of profit from the blog, so it is better to take advantage of visitors to upload files through sitemaps.

. All you have to do is find what most users want online, sign up for a file-sharing site that provides a revenue-sharing system, and then upload the file to the company's shared server.

Now all you have to do to start making money is send your site visitors to the download link, the more revenue you get, the more blog posts you will earn.


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