Set your mood..a great vitamin that promotes mental and neurological health

Set your mood..a great vitamin that promotes mental and neurological health

Vitamin B plays a key role in maintaining mental and neurological health at various levels, and its low in the body leads to serious problems.

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This group of eight types (vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12) agree that they are not stored in the body for long and that they need to be replenished daily.

Each type has specific functions, in addition to its role in maintaining nerves and the entire nervous system.

Vitamin B1

It is one of the types that maintain the functions of body systems such as the heart and brain.

B2 "Riboflavin"

It is a water-soluble vitamin that helps break down body fat.

Vitamin B3 "Niacin"

Important for maintaining healthy nerves, skin, and the digestive system, niacin helps improve cholesterol levels.

B5 "Pantothenic"

Essential for maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system.

Vitamin B6 "pyridoxine"

Important for the formation of red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body.

Vitamin B7

It is also necessary to maintain the health of hair and nails, in addition to strengthening the nerves.

B9 "Foliko"

Important for the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus, and protects the fetus from birth defects.

B12 "Cobalamin"

Very important for general health and prevention of anemia and anemia.

Doctors recommend getting your daily requirements by following a multi-source diet.

There are also nutritional supplements that help increase its level in the body.

Vitamin B and Neurological Health

Vitamin B is essential for a wide range of vital body functions and is essential for the functioning of the nervous system and the formation of blood cells.

It can also promote nervous system health by:

mood adjustment

It contributes to the production of neurotransmitters that affect mood.

Research suggests that it may be beneficial for people who are prone to depression and mood disorders, such as anxiety.

However, you should consult your doctor before trying any home remedies for depression.

healthy sleep

It also helps you relax after a hard day and lets you sleep peacefully at night.

It works by converting neurotransmitters into melatonin which is responsible for regulating the biological clock and promoting healthy sleep.

It also helps in regulating the activity of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands to stabilize mood.

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