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make money from twitter; 5 most popular ways to make money with Twitter app

make money from twitter; 5 most popular ways to make money with Twitter app

make money from Twitter; Recently, monetizing the Twitter app has become very popular. Learn how to create the right account to start your journey of making money with this program.

make money from twitter; 5 most popular ways to make money with Twitter app

Making money from Twitter has become a no-brainer as the sources of money are now spread across various social networking sites and internet applications. Twitter is no exception, as Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms with 126 million daily active users. What are the 5 most popular ways to make money with Twitter? Read this article to find out more.

Create an account on Twitter

To start making money from Twitter, you need to have an account first. Creating a Twitter account is not difficult, all you have to do is download the app to your phone or access it via Google Chrome on your mobile device and use a unique username, password, email and phone number. After that, you will be able to start your earning journey with Twitter. But before you can start making money from Twitter, you have to increase your account followers.

Make sure to verify your account with a phone number or email so Twitter can show your posts and your account to others.

How to increase followers on Twitter

When creating a Twitter account, you should consider a series of things that can help you grow your loyal followers that will play a huge role in helping you make money from Twitter.

Choose a unique and distinctive label

Be careful about the username you choose, as it should ideally include your real name or the name of the company and the job you plan to show people on Twitter. There should be consistency between the name you choose and the content you create.

Choose a suitable width and background image

After choosing the name, make sure to choose an appropriate image for your account, followed by a background image, and there must be consistency and coordination between the two. You can attach a background image with a simple summary of what you will present in your account, which will make you look more professional. There are many people whose first impression of the account is drawn by the image shown, so choose carefully.

Start tweeting your interests

Even if you don't have followers yet, tweeting about your interests and what you have to offer will benefit you over time, share your ideas, plans, products, whatever interests you, and don't forget to use appropriate hashtags or hashtags. You will find someone who looks like you and is looking for you through them.

Follow people who share your interests

After you have set up your account, you should now follow people who have the same interests as you. Start dealing with these people as this will help in promoting your account more and attracting people who are interested in your field. But make sure that you are not following too many people in a short period of time, people will think that your account is fake and not real and they will not care about you in return.

Promote your account on other social media platforms

If you have accounts on other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, start promoting your account on Twitter and post it to your followers and engage them, it will help your account and list of followers grow well. Stay away from buying fake followers because that won't help you make money from Twitter at all.

How to make money from Twitter

Once you create an account and create the right community and audience, you can now start your journey of making money from Twitter in several ways:

Offer your services to Twitter users

If your services are tangible products or digital services, Twitter is a great place to showcase and sell them. You don't have to own a specific product to sell it and make money. You can make money from many industries and hobbies. There are translation and marketing services, if you are skilled in it, you can provide different types of graphic design, you can make money by writing for people and many services, you can provide a lot of services to people in need on Twitter and get them from this help make money in.

Try running contests and giveaways

Nothing attracts people and users of social media accounts more than giving gifts and offering contests, including sweepstakes for winners or groups of winners at the end. This way, you can boost your account growth and increase your followers who are interested in winning and participating in contests and sweepstakes, making your account eligible to be seen by advertisers, who in turn save you money to run ads in your account.

Promote your tweets

Another way to get more followers for your account is to pay to promote your tweets. Promote on Twitter will help your business reach more people on the Twitter app, not just your existing followers, and your Promoted Tweets will be visible to many other users who don't follow you on Twitter. The more people see your work, the more sales and popularity you will have, and the more you will earn from the program. Promotion and promotion of tweets on Twitter can range from $1.50 to $4.

Advertising other products or services

If you have a large number of followers who connect with you well, it is a good idea to tell them that you can advertise special services or products that they offer (for a fee) through your Twitter account. If you could attach a report on the number of clicks on your tweets, that would make many other companies trust you. There are many services that can help you understand these statistics, such as bitly and others.

Make sure to advertise to trusted things, companies, entities and people to avoid problems with your account.

Websites that help you make money from Twitter

There are websites that you can associate with your Twitter account, which in turn support your Tweet ads which can earn you money based on the number of clicks on those ads. Include:

My Hobby

It is considered one of the good sites to make money through Twitter and all social media programs such as YouTube. The great thing about this site is that it allows you to choose which ads you want to place on your account. You can also set a price per click for these ads, which can be as low as $0.40 per click.

Sponsored Tweets

A well-known website that helps make money from Twitter because it is a service powered by the Twitter software itself. They are mostly suitable for sponsored tweets, as they allow you to set a specific price per click for any ad you post. Twitter does not work by restricting or forcing you to use a certain type of advertisement, it allows you to choose the type of advertisement you want.


This site is a little different from the other previously mentioned sites that help you make money from Twitter. The idea here is to pay per click for the ads you advertise. However, your earnings must be at least $20 to withdraw those earnings through electronic banking services such as PayPal. The higher your total Twitter followers, the higher your earnings.

Spaces in Twitter

Spaces is a new feature introduced by Twitter recently that allows people to join discussion spaces on specific topics for the purpose of general interest or discussion. It is now one of the ways in which users can make money from Twitter. For example, there is a space for book selling, business marketing, etc.

These spaces may be the beginning of activation to make money from Twitter, but there are several conditions for this to happen, namely:

Make room and already try it out.

You have 1,000 or more followers on your Twitter account.

You must have a suitable payment method to receive your earnings from Twitter, such as PayPal.

You agree to the percentage that Twitter will deduct from your space revenue.

Your account must be verified with a valid number or email that you already use.

In a country that allows to make money using Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Money With Twitter

Does Buying Followers Help Monetize Twitter?

No, in order to earn from Twitter, you must have real and not fake followers.

In conclusion, we discussed how to make money from Twitter in every possible way. Making money from Twitter may be a little different from making money from other apps and social media software, but it is a worthwhile experience.

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