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How I made money online from Google Maps with only $9000 monthly salary

How I made money online from Google Maps with only $9000 monthly salary

How do I get a monthly salary of $9000 only from Google Maps. Internet earnings benefit you, you can work online and earn big money from home without having to work in an office, and you are the owner of workers, so I will show you my experience of earning $9000 per month using Google Maps.

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How I made money online from Google Maps with a monthly salary of $9000

The common wisdom is that Google Maps is only for searching places or knowing the correct walking path and how long it takes to get to a certain destination, but no, I figured out that I can earn nine thousand dollars a month from it.

First, enter the application on your phone or on the Google Maps website, then select the country you live in, and then the country in which you want to work: New York, because its residents speak the English language they are good at.

I am looking for high-margin business ventures, which means I have identified high-margin business operations for each company; The amount that the store offers to each customer varies from five to ten dollars.

If a store makes home swimming pools, or makes roofs, or sells kitchens, or the person is a lawyer or dentist, they get a client here anywhere from $500 to $1,000, maybe more.

In my case, I targeted stores that sell kitchens, and followed these steps:

Search the word kitchen store by app.

I noticed that there are a lot of stores in this area of ​​New York City, and I checked them out to provide them with e-marketing via social media platforms.

I went to the website of a store and thought of the stores with very few reviews, their website was of poor quality and didn't go viral on social media.

I called the store and told them that there are a lot of competitors in the same area online and they have multiple sales lines, customers can access their account before they go to buy quickly or have their orders delivered at home without hassle.

From here, I agreed to do email marketing for him on different platforms after he learned about my experience in this field, and I started earning $9000 per month from home thanks to Google Maps, I think it will just help me know the way when I go out.

How to earn points from Google Maps

By explaining how I earned my salary per month from Google Maps for only $9,000 in internet earnings, there are Google Points called Local Guide Points that you can use while traveling to any country for work or travel, and you can get:

Review or rate places.

Put his picture.

Answer questions about a specific location or area.

Ensure the reliability of the information.

Post comments longer than 200 characters.

Expand the road to this place for the convenience of those who want to go to it.

I know about this party from the Internet, I did not do it personally, its profit is converted from points to financial profit after adding the map to Google Maps, under the following conditions:

Gmail is required.

When you want to add a restaurant or workplace, put in a means of communication.

You have to put this place on the site.

Check the exact site otherwise your add will be rejected.

Add the map to one of the selected categories, such as: real estate, shipping company, marketing, banks or hospital.

Why did you choose to invest in Google Maps?

He received a monthly salary of $9000 from Google Maps, which I came to after learning about the advantages of these maps, I realized that they are very good for me, and reminded her of the following:

The ability to browse without the Internet, an individual can move to the place he wants without the Internet, download and save area maps, but here he will not give alerts when crowding.

It also offers everything close to hospitals, picnic spots and restaurants.

The location can be shared with other people, so that all steps are constantly tracked, but the feature is determined by the other party for a certain period of time.

Through it, the individual can remember the place where he left the car if he had previously set the location and remind him that he has not left the car for a long time.
Anyone can find out the waiting time at a restaurant to want their favorite meal, or make a reservation to avoid the long wait that makes you hate the place.

The ability to change the timing of the high-resolution results based on the flow and a few other variables.

If your phone is a pixel type, you can use augmented reality to get to the right destination through your phone's camera, a blue line will appear showing directions.

Online Marketing Services Methods

While I mentioned to you how I made money online from Google Maps with a monthly salary of only $9,000, I will show you the marketing mechanism my friends and I used in the following paragraphs:

1- Alexa Chrome

I was able to find out the site's ranking and add it to my device with this ranking, and by typing the site and clicking add, I know from here the site's ranking in search engines and the number of visits it has had.

With this feature I can tell the customer what is happening on their website and suggest a lot of ways to monetize from here, including creating their biggest site and working on their account on all social media sites, linking them to each other for a monthly salary.

2- Facebook Ads Library

One of my friends tried it and told me that after searching for the event name on Facebook, it showed if there was an ad on the platform, and when it didn't find it, he created a new page and made an ad with a charge. $150, of which he earned a monthly stipend of $1,000 and a base salary for Google Maps.

He also told me that if you don't know much about increasing the number of followers on your page, you can contact your social media company and tell them that you want to add 5,000 likes for a hundred dollars.

Earning from Google Maps is easy, I recommend you to start in this field in my experience because it is easy as you do not require high skills, just simple e-marketing experience and easy to use emails.


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