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A judicial blow to Trump in the "isolation crisis." And a big victory for the Democrats.

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A judicial blow to Trump in the "isolation crisis." And a big victory for the Democrats.

A U.S. judge on Friday upheld the legality of a Democratic-led impeachment investigation against President Donald Trump and ordered his administration to hand over an unedited version of former special investigator Robert Mueller's report detailing Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

In a major victory for the Democratic-led House of Representatives, Justice Pearl-Howe rejected the Republican defense, which criticized Trump's accountability, and said the House did not need to approve a formal decision to begin the investigation.

The U.S. Constitution gives the House of Representatives broad freedom to deal with accountability, and Democrats have begun investigating without putting a decision to a vote.

The judge gave the U.S. Department of Justice until October 30, handing over parts of mueller's report to the House Judiciary Committee.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the ruling "another blow to President Trump's attempt to get himself above the law."

The Ministry of Justice had argued that the information withheld could not be disclosed, as it contained information from jury proceedings that required it to remain confidential, but the judge strongly rejected it.

"The Justice Department is wrong," She said, adding that the committee's need to disclose the material "outweighs the need to keep it secret."

The withholding of evidence gathered by a jury on accountability, according to the Ministry of Justice, undermined the ability of the House of Representatives to adequately assume its constitutional responsibility.

Democrats have asked for access to information blocked as part of their efforts to prepare for Trump's impeachment.