Sisi-sponsored youth conferences: a platform for effective dialogue. And a bet on the future.

Sisi-sponsored youth conferences: a platform for effective dialogue. And a bet on the future.

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Several years ago, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi launched the National Youth Conferences to be a platform for direct dialogue between the Egyptian state and its various institutions, and the promising Egyptian youth who aspire to achieve a better future for his country, and so that young people are more able to meet the challenges of the present, and more willing to fight Over the years, these conferences have become a dialogue situation in which young people are in constant contact with the government and the state for discussion and dialogue to bring the visions closer to the generations, as well as to accommodate their needs as a whole in national strategic plans, especially in relation to youth projects, according to The Middle East news agency reported today.

The national youth conferences are regular meetings for direct dialogue between Egyptian youth and representatives of the Egyptian government and its various institutions under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, and according to Ambassador Bassam Radhi, spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic, it represents an interactive platform ." High-level communication between the leadership of the state and all the Egyptian people, especially the youth group, which represents more than half of Egypt's population.

"The Middle East": The youth conferences have crystallized new rules for the mechanism of dialogue with young people, on all economic, political, social and other issues, and many of the ideas and initiatives of young people that have been put forward have been transformed into recommendations that have already been translated into realistic activities and practices commissioned In these conferences, the President moves from its main platform to the seats of the audience, preferring to listen to young people, give them the freedom to express their opinions and beliefs, respond to their questions and have an open dialogue with them, and discuss their issues and issues of concern to them. The President's deep realization that dialogue is a fine form of human communication, and a way of exchanging ideas and information.

President Sisi estimates that today's youth live in a global environment fraught with a culture of civilizational clash, under the influence of globalization, and the challenges of the information revolution that have moved them from limited to the infinite remote ness of any control, and move things in a space that encompasses the whole globe, and in a world of events Unrest, speaking of supposed relationships between civilizations and cultures that still hold for themselves the viability and readiness to grow and advance.

On Saturday, al-Manara Center witnessed a meeting between the leader and the youth in a new version of those conferences, which is the eighth version of the National Youth Conference, where President Sisi bets on young people to win the bets of the future, and in any development transition, they are the most dynamic and influential segment in any strong society representing participation Dialogue has the essence of its composition, namely the means of development and its purpose, and they are the most important segment of any society, they are today half the present who contribute an active role in shaping its features, and tomorrow the whole future and its pillars, and when young people are properly prepared, conscious and armed with knowledge and knowledge, they will be able to To navigate the future, its challenges and development requirements with broad horizons, according to the Middle East.

The Middle East News Agency pointed out that the right constructive dialogue helps bring the views closer, and contributes to the creation of a generation of young people who can afford the burdens of development, development and active participation in public life, young people are the true wealth of the state, so it is necessary to be raised in the way right because they have the energy, the ability to make a difference in society and move it to a better stage.

The National Youth Conferences were born in October 2016 in Sharm el-Sheikh, and resulted in several important things as follows.

The establishment of a national committee of young people, under the direct supervision of the Presidency of the Republic, conducts a thorough examination and review of the position of young people detained in cases, and has not been sentenced to judicial decisions.

- The Presidency of the Republic, in coordination with the Council of Ministers and a group of youth figures, prepared a political vision for the launch of a national center for the training and rehabilitation of youth cadres, as well as coordinating with all state agencies towards holding a monthly youth conference attended by a suitable number of youth representatives from all walks of life. Trends during which the position of all the recommendations and resolutions of the First National Youth Congress are presented and reviewed.

- The government, in coordination with the relevant authorities in the state, to study proposals and projects to amend the protest law, and to prepare for a comprehensive community dialogue to develop and reform education within a month at most, attended by all specialists and experts, with a view to developing a national working paper to reform education outside the tracks. Traditional.

- Call on young parties and political forces to prepare programs and policies that contribute to the dissemination of a culture of volunteerism through all political means and tools, and to instruct the government in coordination with the House of Representatives to: speeding up the completion of the legislation governing the media and completing the formation of Bodies and councils organizing the press and media work, cooperating with Al-Azhar, the Egyptian Church and all stakeholders about the state, organizing an expanded community dialogue to establish values, principles and ethics and laying sound foundations for correcting religious discourse.

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