Why shouldn't you google 333.3333.333?

Why shouldn't you google 333.3333.333?

    Why shouldn't you google 333.3333.333?

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    a mysterious secret associated with the search for the number "333-333-333" on the popular search site "Google" or on the video platform "YouTube"; Once written, ghostly images and terrifying footage appear, some of which are feared, and they publish some details about them on the social networking site "Facebook".

    What appears when writing the number "333-333-333"?

    Specifically, by typing “333-333-333” in a Google or YouTube search, many videos appear to creators talking about the emergence of jinn and demons as well as explaining that the number is considered a symbol of Satan.

    During one of the videos from the content creators named Omar Essam, through a channel called “ZOMBIA” on the popular video platform “YouTube”, he posted a video on April 22, in a blog with the comment: “The truth on the diabolical code 333.333 .333.”

    Interpretation of the secret of the number "333-333-333"

    And Omar Essam said in a video clip posted on YouTube that as soon as this code was written, many frightening videos appeared related to Abd al-Satan and the Web, noting that until now he does not know the secret of this symbol’s connection to these terrifying scenes.

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    With regard to linking the number “333-333-333” to these horrific videos, Tamer Mohamed, an expert in information and communication technologies, analyzed that this symbol is a hashtag by writing it with any video of these horrific ideas, stressing that “Al-Watan” according to his personal analysis does not find any explanation Except that the symbol "333-333-333" when writing shows everything related to it.

    Comments of the pioneers of social networks on the number "333-333-333"

    Over the past few days, many comments have spread on the social networking site about the code “333-333-333”, among them what was written by an account called “Shams Khalaf”: “If you search for the number 333333333 on YouTube, at first glance, you will think that you have entered the Someone's deep web sites because most of the videos you'll be shown are from the deep web itself."

    The "Deep Web" is the hidden part of the Internet, which is not censored by anyone, and consists of all the web pages that normal search engines, such as Google, cannot archive.

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