How to increase profit from YouTube

How to increase profit from YouTube

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A series of blogs on the topic, and considering that YouTube profit depends on the depth of Adsense, here is a post titled Increase Adsense Link to Make Money Legally.

If you are targeting YouTube revenue, you should review it.

There is something in common between these two situations, and now we are dealing with the secrets and how to increase YouTube earnings.

No doubt you have learned how to create a YouTube channel and upload some videos on your channel, you may have made a great effort to download the videos at the required level, but you lack the number of views, and if we do not mention that your channel is not accepted by the profitable Adsense program, you will lack To profit, especially since acceptance has become a condition for reaching your channel 10,000 views, and you will certainly feel a kind of frustration, especially since everyone hopes on the YouTube channel and can benefit from it.

When creating a channel, you should pay attention to some of the considerations that were discussed in the previous article, and now there are some secrets that will definitely help you increase your channel revenue.

Before discussing this topic in detail, we pointed out and stressed that the best way to profit from the Internet in blogs now and in May 2018 is to profit from electronic money for free.

 First, the secret to increasing YouTube earnings.

Please ensure that the video is uploaded every day, as this will help improve the quality of the channel for search engines and ensure that the largest possible number of followers enter your channel, and that the video is intact and will not be amputated or interfered with during the upload process.

Secondly. Download exclusive, unreleased videos

You can download exclusive videos from the internet and add your own style, such as changing the video title and increasing or decreasing the duration of the video and upload it again, here we tell you that your video is your own video, but do not add this method so that your followers do not feel that you are editing the video.

the third. The uploaded video must be of high quality, professionally shot and fully uploaded.

 the fourth. Put an eye-catching title. The video title is the key to click and watch the video. Make sure the video is engaging, relevant, and relevant to the content.

Fifth. Describe the video in an SEO friendly manner. The description should follow a series of content related to the video content and the correct choice of keywords to ensure fast archiving from search engines (especially Google), but unfortunately we found some content that people think the video title is enough, which is wrong, the video description is left blank, reduces the chance of scoring Advance the search engine and delay the archiving.

VI. For two important things, please make sure the video is at least 10 minutes long. The first thing is that you can add multiple ads to it, thus automatically increasing the number of ad views and increasing profits, and we recommend adding three here one ad, one ad added every three minutes, and the second is the speed with which your channel is archived on search engines (especially Google).

VII. Activate a non-skippable ad button, because the price of this type of ads is very high compared to other types of ads, so viewers have to watch the entire ad and can't let them watch the video.

 We note here that non-skippable only on-demand video ads can be shown on your channel. After ordering from YouTube, you will see that the ad is active on your channel 24 hours after the request.

 eight. Unfortunately, for your channel marketing, some people think that marketing is secondary, but first you have to market and make efforts in this area. After a while, you will find that the search engine provides you with an important quantitative component of your visitors and then you can stop marketing gradually.

The marketing we are talking about here is done through social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Arabic forums and other sites, not necessarily paid marketing.

In order to increase YouTube earnings, we did not discuss how to increase the number of clicks or the viewer price in the article summary included in this article, because the number of clicks or the price per view is determined based on a series of conditions .. as mentioned in the article, because the ads displayed on your channel are closely related to nationalities your followers and viewers.

 can not be changed. We recommend that we start with the time of creation of the channel, the quality of the target audience and followers, and a series of conditions must be observed to get a huge profit from YouTube, because the prices in Arab countries / regions are not. A rise in clicks and views, and the quality and quantity of videos uploaded through your channel's marketing methods.

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