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How To flip Your iPhone Into AN HD digital camera

 How To flip Your iPhone Into AN HD digital camera

You’ll got to transfer sure apps to show your iPhone into a digital camera.

Your iPhone camera is probably going higher quality than your intrinsic  digital camera.

Paid apps supply additional practicality than their free counterparts.

Using free video conferencing apps can be an improved various.

How To flip Your iPhone Into AN HD digital camera

Most laptops of late escort a intrinsic  digital camera. However, if you're still rocking a desktop (with no camera), have a broken cam, or just would like one thing higher quality than a budget model designed into your laptop, you'll be able to address your iPhone.

The HD camera in your smartphone will, in a pinch, build an excellent digital camera. whether or not you’re attending remote conferences or just making an attempt to launch your career as a Twitch streamer, you'll be able to use your iPhone as a makeshift digital camera. sadly, Apple didn’t build this practicality directly into your . which means you have got to perform a small amount of manual set-up to form it happen. Here’s everything you would like to understand concerning victimisation your iPhone as a digital camera.

Specialty Apps

“There’s AN app for that!” 

Yes, Apple’s selling tagline for his or her App Store will apply here. In fact, there square measure multiple apps for this explicit would like. a number of them square measure utterly free. Others square measure paid. Some supply restricted practicality for free of charge, with advanced options fast behind a paywall. Regardless, there’s most likely AN choice that may work for you.

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We should entails that each one of those apps need you to conjointly transfer alittle application for your computer too. The smartphone app can hook up with the computer software package (which is actually running alittle server for your phone to speak with). therefore make certain you transfer each elements so as to form these apps work properly.


The good news is that iVCam can do the duty, utterly freed from charge. you just transfer the app to your iPhone (and the incidental to software package for your PC). After that, the set-up is sort of straightforward. Your computer can use no matter your iPhone camera sees as its digital camera feed.

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The free version of iVCam will embody alittle watermark. If you wish to get rid of it (and unlock another advanced options, like higher resolutions and also the ability to record video), you’ll have to be compelled to give some money. you'll be able to purchase AN annual subscription or pay a one-time fee to unlock all the premium options, forever. 


EpocCam is extremely just like iVCam. You transfer the app and install the driving force on your computer. After that, you'll be able to use a USB association to form your iPhone work as your digital camera. and far just like the antecedently mentioned app, EpocCam locks a number of its niftier options behind a paywall.

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Instead of victimisation in-app purchases, there square measure 2 entirely separate apps. The free one works simply fine, however paying for the premium version can enable you to get rid of the watermark, access full 1080p video, use a LAN association, replace your background digitally, use your torch, and many different odds and ends. It’s conjointly a small amount cheaper than iVCam, for anyone on a budget.


iCam is yet one more app that permits you to use your iPhone as a computer digital camera. sadly, there’s no free version to undertake out 1st. It’s but $5, though, which suggests that you’re not very losing a lot of if you are attempting it and don’t am passionate about it.


It doesn’t have quite as several options because the different 2 apps we’ve mentioned. It conjointly depends on UPnP for a wireless association to your computer. that offers some folks problems, betting on their wireless router. 

Tips and Tricks

No matter that app you finish up deciding to use, there square measure some additional ways in which to enhance the complete expertise. If you wish the most effective quality video footage for your meeting, livestream, or no matter else you’re needing a digital camera for, attempt to follow some (or all) of those tips.

Use a Stand or stand

No one needs to look at your shaky video footage like it’s some quite trendy, on-line Anthony Charles Lynton Blair Witch documentary. therefore do everybody a favor and obtain yourself some kind of stand or stand. you'll be able to get a bunch of various designs fairly low cost on Amazon. 

If you don’t have a stand, you must still rig one thing up. simply MacGyver yourself up a durable stand victimisation books, binder clips, or no matter else you have got birth around. simply please, we beg you, don’t attend your weekday Morning Meeting by simply holding your phone ahead of your face. It’s implausibly distracting.

Opt For a Wired association

While the apps we tend to mentioned higher than largely have wireless choices, it’s best to skip them. A wired USB association can continually offer a additional consistent and high-quality video feed. therefore unless no matter you’re streaming needs you to be up and on the road, move and plug your iPhone on to your computer.

As an additional bonus, employing a wired association can eliminate any potential problems together with your phone’s battery dying mid-stream. causing live HD video to your computer over LAN can very tank your iPhone’s battery in an exceedingly hurry. would possibly additionally simply plug it in, if attainable.

Use smart Lighting

If you’re reaching to have your face on-screen, you may additionally make certain you look half-decent. whereas the work-from-home revolution might tempt you to attend conferences bestubbled, unwashed, or simply typically wanting matted, you’ll be astonished what proportion of a distinction some correct lighting will build.

Turn on the lights in your area. If you can, position yourself somewhere that’s packed with natural lightweight from a window or fanlight. If you intend to get on a digital camera usually, you'll be able to purchase an inexpensive ring lightweight on-line. (As a bonus, most ring lights also can double as your stand/tripod). If all else fails, you'll be able to even use your iPhone’s back camera and switch your light-emitting diode flash on to light your video. 

Use Headphones

Your portable computer most likely incorporates a intrinsic  mike. Your iPhone, of course, conjointly has one. you will even have a USB mic that you simply use for voice recording or conferences. However, for the most effective sound quality (including the audio you transmit to whoever is observance you), think about employing a group of headphones with a intrinsic  mike.

Apple’s AirPods () square measure each nice decisions, since they already work therefore well together with your iPhone. however any receiver with a mic can do the trick, really. This particularly helps if you happen to be positioned a small amount off from your portable computer mic. Having the mic in your headphones be solely many inches from your mouth (and specifically designed to select up what you’re saying) can assist you sound loud and clear.

Use The Native Apps Instead

While the apps we tend to mentioned higher than will definitely get the duty done, you must conjointly think about simply victimisation the official app for no matter platform you would like a digital camera for. For conferences, there square measure official apps for web-conferencing software package like , , , or . simply transfer those, sign in, and use them for your meeting (while following our different recommendations on employing a stand and having smart lighting). 

You can conjointly use your iPhone to stream on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook. the sole draw back is that you simply can’t get too advanced, like streaming a game, sharing your screen, or victimisation custom overlay graphics. For basic video conferences, though, move and use first-party apps rather than making a work-around for your computer.


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