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5 practical ways to market your company in the field of business - B2B

 5 practical ways to market your company in the field of business - B2B

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It simply means (Business to Business), if you look at a company that wants to provide a large amount of computers for its new employees, it will provide the required by ordering from another company, and therefore it is marketing the product / service provided by the company to another company.

His tactics are based on the same principles as business to consumer marketing, but are implemented in a special way. You, as a consumer, choose products according to price, spread, condition, emotional aspect... In B2B, purchasing decisions depend on price and potential profit.

Currently, strengthening relationships through social media is the most prominent point in the world of B2B, as various social media platforms have opened the door to conversations between companies and brands around the world, as a study showed that companies are more inclined to buy than their counterparts you follow on Social Media

Do all companies use it?

As we conclude from the concept, marketing here aims to establish valuable relationships to ensure permanent customers, which is a goal for any company, whether it is a giant retail company or a family-owned company alone.

The market in the world of B2B is larger than all markets and also bypassing B2C, so you find companies such as General Electric, IBM spending an estimated $60 million per day on the supplies and merchandise involved in the operation of their business. It is largely used by manufacturers of products that the consumer does not practically use as steel, but it is also used by companies that sell products and services purchased from consumers and other companies alike.

For example: a telephone company that sells cables and provides data and voice services to both companies and individuals.

Or as Opera, which is famous for its internet browsers, offers consumers B2B services in the field of software.

What kind of customers do B2B marketers focus on?

1- Companies that use their products, such as construction companies that use steel plates in construction.

2- Governmental institutions, which are one of the largest and most important objectives of B2B marketing.

3- Institutions that provide important services such as schools and hospitals.

4- Companies that resell goods to consumers.

What makes it different from B2C Marketing:

1- B2B markets are more complex in decision making.

Ordering the purchase of office equipment in a company is an easy matter that does not require many approvals, but if you look at deciding on the purchase of a new factory that is owned by the company, you will find that it is a vital matter that requires the participation of many decision-makers and takes a long time.

These mechanisms leave their effects on B2B markets in that the target audience becomes largely unclear, as it consists of constantly changing groups of individuals with different interests and motives (if you work in marketing for the factory to be sold, you may be surprised after passing negotiation stages with the departure of the general manager / official Contracts from the company interested in purchasing and other people come with different orientations and ideas).

Which requires the presence of marketers with experience in all dealings with the audience to be reached, they have full knowledge of the product, its specifications and everything that the buyer will reap from the transaction.

The marketer here too must be patient in negotiating with the decision-making circle and calm their financial and productivity concerns.

2- Buyers make more sense:

The consumer who pays (3,000 pounds) to buy a piece of winter clothing that is less heated than the one in the opposite store and the price is (2,000 pounds)...Does he make a similar decision in his workplace? Or someone who pays (1,000 pounds) a season ticket for the matches of his favorite club, and he might get nothing but frustration! Such purchasing decisions are not found in the business, so the buyer in the B2B market considers them reckless, as he wants to make a profit every month by buying what achieves his ROI (return on investment).

This feature of B2B marketplaces simplifies the task of the marketer as all he needs is a well-designed and manufactured product at an affordable price and delivered on time.

3. Products are often more complex:

Purchasing consumer-oriented products requires little or no experience while buying

An industrial product that requires an expert in purchasing. As a result, products are sometimes marketed

Superficial or unprofessional consumerism.

On the other hand, B2B advertising campaigns come with an attempt to communicate specific and realistic information

for the targets.

Therefore, the marketer here is required to be fully aware of the product being sold until after service.


4- Limited number of buyers:

Distribution to clients is done according to the Pareto principle - the world of Italian economics - 80% of the results are caused by 20%

Of the reasons, it is any small group of customers that control sales.

The figure shows you the volume of transactions

B2B vs. the number of clients in one


This requires from marketers what

It's called customer relationship management

(Constituents for their company's sales) Not

With regard to the field of dealing only but

They also provide advice and solutions

for their problems, of course classified

Marketers based on customer spending

Rank them in importance.

5- Little dependence on buyers’ behavior and needs:

This is due to the lack of target segments in B2B, unlike the full consumer markets

With tens of thousands of potential consumers, the market can be divided here into 10 or 12

A distinct segment, even with small differences according to need or behavior, and certainly it varies if it increases

Buyers to hundreds for example.

While this trait is not common in the FMCG market, here

Goods are directed to wide segments of people.

This decrease in the target audience is due to the lack of change in the behavior and needs of people

Companies in the B2B world (logic is predominant as we mentioned in the second feature), and also to control a number of

People together make the buying decision (the first characteristic), not one person.

B2B audience segments can be divided as follows:

The price-based segment: represented by small companies with limited transactions.

The segment based on quality and branding: It is the medium and large companies that lend

Product attention and care.

Service-based segment: It has several requirements in the product, its type and quality, in addition to

To after-sales services, shipping, etc. It can be large or small companies.

Partnership-based segment: It looks for trust and treats the supplier as a main partner

Big companies with huge transactions.

The limited audience here facilitates the task of marketers, yet the skill of recognizing

The right customer for each segment is not an easy matter and requires detailed market research.

Influential B2B Marketing Strategies:

1- Marketing Automation:

Or the use of technology to carry out some recurring marketing tasks such as emails, social media. where

Many B2B marketers are now turning to this to help them manage the huge amounts of data and the nature of

complex markets. This strategy allows targeting customers with the right content at the right time

the appropriate. About 75% of companies use it to track their return on investment.

Through it, different types of data can be collected

Like the pages visited, and the items that were made

download and more. Which benefits B2B marketers

Not only to complete boring chores, but also

Allow them to send personalized and thoughtful messages

To potential clients and give them time to work

ways to develop their marketing strategy


2- Explanatory videos:

Where the video comes from (according to emarketer.com) from

Most Influential Content Forms to Buyers

The B2B, where it comes to clarify the identity of the company, the products/services it offers, and the benefit behind the transaction.

with her.

In addition to increasing the traffic rates for websites by 41%

According to 2016 statistics, conversion rates increased by 20% and even more

From this, it helps to consolidate your experience and give a human touch

on your brand. It also increases your chances of it spreading

Wider (go viral) which may give you some free marketing.

3- Advertising:

According to SmartInsights, 49% of businesses will increase their spending on content marketing in

2017, which will enhance the chances of paid digital campaigns because advertising via content delivery platforms gives

The opportunity to attract the attention of the audience (as we mentioned, the decision to buy B2B is not made on the fly) in a way that the advertisement does not provide

traditional (your ad appears next to what people are interested in and going to), and this is what Toshiba did in

Its own digital campaign entitled "Bring Life Forward"

Which was aimed at promoting and demonstrating Toshiba's leadership in smart city technology, TAQA

Wind and solar energy and launched by Chuepa through electronic platforms, social media and advertisements


4- CRM Tools:

Which CRM tools are an influential part of

Your B2B Marketing Strategy, Because It Helps You

Follow your customers and know how and when they buy. well keep

Baldata to be used later instead of randomly saved. and slow down

The importance of CRM in increasing the value of a B2B client over a client

B2C, you can find it on Salesforce and Getbase and you can through it

Strengthen your marketing efforts and retain existing customer data

And the expected.

5- Interactive content:

It can become a good B2B marketing strategy to find

Customers at any stage of the marketing process, according to general statistics

2015 91% of buyers prefer visual and interactive content over

traditional content.

Platforms like Visage, Ceros, Uberflilp, LookBookHQ can

Helping you find content like this.